Four Steps for Grounding oneself in Change

First off, I added Step 2: Get Moving to my Series in Get Healthy – take a look!

As many know – I recently uprooted my life and moved to Phoenix, Arizona. Ahead, I share four steps to keep yourself grounded…. We continue this program…


Holistic living encompasses not only the physical and mental, but spiritual as well. When someone is making big changes in their life, it’s important to stay grounded amidst all the chaos.

I have had firsthand experience from a shuffling of sorts in my life lately. Moving from South Dakota to Phoenix, Arizona, I’ve had to adjust quickly and work as fast as possible to ensure everything has proceeded smoothly while I started my new job.

It was difficult making such a choppy transition, but it was possible. Now that I’m settled, though, the vibration of the city has really been getting to me.

I feel (in this area of town that I’m in) that the lifestyles of people revolve around shopping and self pleasure. This is the opposite of what I’m used to. I’m also used to being around forests, plains, outdoors, little commotion where energy is blocked up and people’s judgemental and condescending attitudes can drain you mentally and emotionally.

I know very little people, and really no one in my area, so most of my time is spent working or shuttled up in my (very nice) little studio. I feel as if to stay busy, one must buy, buy, buy. And I don’t want to.

I have more than enough in my life. And I don’t want to eat out of boredom. Relaxing? I feel as if it is impossible in this place as people are looking to judge any second. Maybe it’s just me, but I’m constantly on edge around others now. It’s sad, devastating actually.

I came here super blissful, open, non-judgmental, and just glowing with excitement for my new life. After spending a few days around the locals, though, it’s hard to stay at peace. It makes me want to cry more than anything, such angry and lonely individuals taking out their frustrations on others.

Honestly, it’s not how we’re meant to be as beings. We’re all one of the source, and we should be sharing energies, not trying to steal them.

I’m going to take this as a lesson, though. I’m going to succeed in staying non-judgmental in such tumulus area and will work harder to seek out like-minded people, spiritual centers of development, and will just triple my efforts to show love to those on the streets and in their hectic lifestyles.

Although they don’t understand at this time, they will accept eventually they have nothing to fear from others in letting their guards down – and that’s it’s okay to move away from the paradigm and rigid viewpoint of ‘how things should be’.

Fuck un-acceptance. I love people, although it’s very hard. I’m going to get through this.


Now, on to how you can ground yourself in situations such as these. It’s difficult to find acceptance and openness from others when you’re making a big change in your life, or are just trying to find a new social circle.

I actually did not think it’d be this stressful. I am usually the random person that talks to everyone all friend-like, but when they’re not open to discussion? Yeah.

So what you do first is you find people who are LIKE you. Those ones that stick their nose up at your dirty car? (I drove 1300 miles – whattdya expect, it gleaming?) They’ll come around eventually. Right now, it’s important to (Step 1) find friends that support you and like you for you. <– A great site to find others interested in what YOU’RE interested in. Meet up! Make friends!

Second, Grounding for YOU. If you’re like me and are used to outdoors, silent retreats, and blissful (non techno) entertainment, find a park or relaxing area where you can be YOU with whatever you like to spend time with. The LIBRARY is like a freaking oasis for me, and it’s a place I can chill out and be myself, do my studies, and just stop stressing. What’s that place for you?

Third – spiritual practice. Thank God, Thank God, Thank God. I could not do this without spirit’s guidance and blessing. It’s been so difficult, but spending time in prayer in meditation has allowed me to stay true to myself in situations that are not quite so. It’s difficult being out of the norm, but if you’re making change, or trying to stay grounded in a different situation, this is definitely #1. Why I have it placed at #3, I don’t know.

And last (Step 4) – we’re creatures of movement but also are meant to be outdoors. Get outside! (And literally GROUND yourself)  Go sit in the sun. Ignore the weird looks. Who cares!? Put your feet in the ground, talk to the plants, and actually GROUND your body. Balance your Electromagnetic frequency and just sit with the Earth.


No matter what the situation is, I’m sure these four steps will help you adjust to any big ‘up rooting’ situation in your life. It’s important to stay true to you and this is what I certainly recommend! Now, if you have any suggestions for cool places to go to meet actual ‘not-stuck up, hip, nice vibes’ type people, please let me know! (In Phoenix, Arizona)

Blissful Love (xoxo),