Fruit is Not the Culprit!

It’s normal that there’s a lot of hesitation to consuming an abundance of fruit, especially since society likes to put devil horns on nature’s most natural foods and say that any carbohydrates or forms of SUGAR will make you FAT, FAT, FAT. I’m debunking this once and for all, because not only is it ridiculous, it’s a very dangerous way of thinking.

First of all, please tell every individual eating a banana in McDonalds to put it down! It’s surely natural fruits and vegetables that have been causing the



obesity epidemic.




There’s a lot to understand when it comes to debunking fruit as the main culprit of exacerbating and causing problems in our human diet. Hopefully by the end of this long post you’ll understand that humans need sugar for all cells, too much fat in the blood stream is what affects insulin and blood sugar problems, although it’s possible to obtain too much sugar from other refined sources. Eating a high-fat, high animal protein diet is the real key if you’d like to store excess weight, bloat with edema, clog your arteries, and lose your calcium…. Keep reading


Are carbohydrates bad??

Our bodies are carbon based life forms, which means that they run on CARBOHYDRATES. Specifically, simple sugars. Fructose is from fruits and your body converts it into usable form = glucose to feed every single one of your cells. Guess what? Even if you eat a low-sugar diet with high protein and high fat, you still convert fatty acids (broken down fats) and amino acids (broken down protein) into … glucose aka sugar. You have to feed your entire body which runs on sugar! You have to feed your cells, which all run on … sugar! The wonderful thing is that fruit sugar requires NO insulin in order to feed the cell.

There’s a lot to think about when it comes to why fruit is King and why it’s really about the source of ‘fructose’ if you’d like to blame obesity on it.

It’s important to understand there are 3 Forms of Carbohydrates:

1) Complex:

Starches and Dextrins: Beans, grains, rice, and legumes, as well as fiber, found in all grains, fruits, and vegetables. Nutritionally inferior to fruits and vegetables;  Cooked grains also create a condition known as acid toxemia in people who adhere to a starch/grain based diet, usually resulting in cancer, arthritis, chronic fatigue, hypothyroidism, and a host of other health challenges.

We also lack the proper enzymes to digest these foods, usually resulting in flatulence, fatigue, irritability among other symptoms. Grains also block the villi of the intestine, stopping the absorption of minerals and nutrients. They also cause an inflamed GI tract, hence why Bran was as popular and known as a ‘mover’, it actually was irritating the mucosa of the GI tract, thus the body would expel faster.

Grains are also higher on the glycemic index (meaning they raise blood sugar) more than fruit! Being acidic, they also create toxemia in the body. According to Dr. Morse, they are dead foods which the human body cannot tolerate.

Another important thought: Livestock cannot become fat on a raw, grain (starch) based diet, but once they consume cooked grains they put on weight easily, which is what farmers want. As raw grains and legumes are indigestible, however, it should be obvious which foods support our natural biochemistry and those that do not.

2) Refined (Simple) Sugar: Junk Food

Extractions from fruit, grains, tubers, and sugar cane. Junk foods of all kinds: cookies, cakes, candies, and other confections. Refined sugars are also added to drinks, cereals, complex carbohydrate foods of all types, and anywhere else that you see the word “sweetener”. No question, this source of sugar makes up the bulk of the American’s diet. Americans consume 150 pounds of refined sugar, and usually in the form (90 pounds) as High Fructose Corn Syrup. Orange juice, sweetened cereals, jellies jams, sweet rolls, sugar in coffee, etc. Lunches and dinners are usually not complete unless some type of dessert follows – its part of our design to want carbohydrates, as we need sugar to fuel our cells.

This source is incomplete, however. It lacks fiber, nutrients, and minerals – enters the body and is not only acidic but spikes the blood sugar in the body because of no fiber and can coupled with high-fat, which it is most always consumed with, allows the sugar to stay in the blood stream for an extended period of time.  Also, they are not complete sources of any type of energy, they are pure sugar with no fiber to slow them down, and usually are in forms of sugar which the body has to convert to make usable – spiking insulin, leading to mass fat storage. Very different from fruit, “Empty calories” best describes them. Refined sugars also leach minerals from the body.

Many also forget that the processed and refined breads turn directly into sugar in the body, thus another high-sugar reaction in the body that signals insulin release. These foods are also highly acidic, mucus forming, and do not break down or are usable like sweet, whole fruit!

3) Fruit (Simple) Sugar

Whole, fresh fruit is the third and most overlooked source of carbohydrate. Fruit comes in an intricate highly nutritious package that matches our nutritional needs better than any other category of food. Water soluble fiber in whole fruits allows their sugars to absorb slowly and gradually, so high blood sugar is not an issue (as long as your diet is lower in fat long term… see below).

Fruits are the obvious choice for obtaining our carbohydrates, as they provide the only substantial and healthful whole-food source of simple sugar. They are astringent, clean the body, alkalize, and digest quickly and efficiently.

They really are the perfect food for Frugivore Man-kind (predominant fruit eater). We originated from the tropics, run on fruit best (perfect ratio of carbs, protein, and fat), and naturally crave the sweet flesh of the Earth. Children naturally flock to fruit, and compared to complex carbohydrates, can be eaten freshly picked and tastes amazing!

Requiring no insulin to enter the cells, it does not spike blood sugar and help eliminate and cleanse toxicity in the body which is the root of all disease. When your lymphatic system is clogged form highly acidic foods, excess fat, and excrement from cells, fruit is the food you want to heal.


“Unaware that whole-fruit is profoundly different in nature than extracted sugar, these misguided dieters lump all simple carbohydrates together and then shun them into one category. Short sighted government guidelines and misguided nutritionists perpetuate this misconception, admonishing us to avoid simple sugars like the plague. Complex carbs are more difficult to digest than simple, require substantial amounts of energy in the conversion to sugar, and eating them cooked generates toxic byproducts. “

. “Insufficient carbohydrate in the diet leads to an array of health concerns, primary among which are eating disorders, severe food cravings, lethargy, weakness, and all of the conditions associated with the overconsumption of fats.

If you want to talk about what makes you fat….

Look directly at meat and dairy. Pushed on you because it is a huge industry, corporations would like you to believe that you need high levels of protein (which will only result in failing of adrenals & kidneys) and dairy (mucus, toxicity, and clogged lymphatic system) will make you healthy. Nothing is farther than the truth!

These foods raise your insulin more than sugar, and contribute directly to storing of excess fat on the body. They clog the lymphatic system, are very acidic, therefore the adrenals combat with creating cholesterol, bloating the body to thin out toxicity, and stealing calcium from the bones.

Coupled with a high-refined sugar diet, you have the perfect recipe for elevated blood sugar levels, inefficient organs, adrenal fatigue, and a high fat mess which actually contributes to the storage of fats in cells.

You can be ‘vegan’ and still be eating a high-fat diet – actually, most raw foodists even eat 45-60% fat with all the nut pates, dehydrated foods, etc.  That’s why hyperglycemia and hypoglycemia can be experienced, again, too much fat.

Keep reading:

Why fat is the culprit with a high-fruit/sugar diet:

(Keep in mind - regarding a HIGH FRUIT DIET - not a high sugar/processed/refined SAD Diet..very different!)

(Let’s look at Diabetes!)

It’s estimated that from 1990 – 1998, the incidence of Diabetes increased by 70%. That is nothing compared to the rapid increase as of late. In 1927, Dr. E. P. Joslin of the famous Diabetic Center in Boston suspected a high-fat, high-cholesterol diet might contribute to the development of diabetes. And in 1936, so did Dr. I.M. Rabinowitch of Canada – proving that the main factor inhibiting the metabolism of blood sugar in the presence of normal insulin was too much fat in the blood with 1000 case studies.

Fast forward, Journal of the American Medical Association also documented this causal relationship between fat consumption and diabetes in 1959. In 1979, an article in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition states, “Medical research confirms that up to 50% of people with Type 2 Diabetes can eliminate Diabetes risks and discontinue medication within three weeks by adopting a low-fat, plant based food diet and regular daily exercise”. Same with Duke University in 1998 – finding that Type 2 diabetes can be completely reversed in mice by lowering dietary fat intake. “Without the fat, the diabetes does not occur, even in diabetes-prone mice. When the high-fat diet is stopped in mice that have been raised on it, the diabetes disappears”.

What have these findings all concluded? Fruit is not the culprit.

“When pancreatic function is sluggish, as happens when the pancreas is fatigued or overused, the adrenal glands serve as a backup mechanism. They produce the hormone epinephrine (adrenaline) which stimulates the pancreatic function and effectively increases insulin production. Abnormally high levels of fat stay in the blood stream for several hours every time we eat a high fat meal. As blood fat levels rise, the normal levels of pancreatic function is simply insufficient to clear sugars from the bloodstream. Eventually if we eat a high fat diet for a long enough period of time, the pancreas begins to fail at producing sufficient insulin to maintain healthy blood sugar levels. Rather than the typical gentle rise-and-fall fluctuations in blood sugar, we begin to experience increasingly higher peaks and deeper valleys. Blood-sugar levels become unstable due to the overconsumption of fat in the diet.” (Graham)

This basically sets up the situation where most of us rely on adrenal-assisted pancreatic function virtually every time we eat, placing constant excessive demands upon both our pancreas and adrenals. We’re a society of adrenal junkies, constantly relying on the adrenals for an extra boost to make up for our weakened organs. And we wonder why adrenal fatigue is so popular? Because from the morning alarm, newspaper, traffic, stressful work day, drama on TV, and more high-stress situations, our adrenals never get a break… Couple that with a high-fat diet and you’ve got a recipe for disaster.

Fruit does not cause blood sugar problems, but overeating fat does. In thousands of case studies, removing excess fat from the diet results in blood sugar levels returning to normal. Restricting fruit from the diet is not the cure. Dr. Graham an Dr. Morse are two examples that have worked with hundreds and thousands of individuals with a high fruit, low fat diet and reversed 98% of all diseases – why? Because they go to the source and use fruits to HEAL.


There is a load of misinformation regarding candida in health care. Candida is a form of yeast, an organism that naturally occurs in human blood. It is supposed to be there! The microbe consumes sugar for its food; because there is always sugar in the blood, there is always food for the micro-organism. When the focus is on eliminating the bacteria, this is when it dips into unhealthy. Candida is a blessing – because without bacteria in the septic tank, waste would never be broken down and it would overflow. Same in the body – toxicity would back up.

“The size of the candida colony in the blood is directly determined by its food supply. If blood-sugar levels are always at a normal level, so is the size of the candida colony that lives in the blood. When the sugar we eat leaves the blood to be distributed and used by the cells of the boy, any excess yeast quickly dies off, as supposed to.” (Graham 40)

When blood-sugar levels rise, however, the candida organism multiplies rapidly as they consume the excess sugar. Once they have done so, the blood sugar levels come back down to normal, so does the number of candida microbes. This ebb and flow happens as a normal part of human physiology and causes no health problems or uncomfortable symptoms. If fat levels stay chronically elevated due to fat-rich diet, sugar remains in the bloodstream and feeds the large candida colonies instead of feeding the 18 trillion cells of the body. Starved for fuel, these cells can no longer metabolize energy. You become tired and feel rundown. If the body was unable to bring down the blood sugar levels to normal, dangerous situation exists. The only mechanism that remains for bringing the blood sugar back down is the candida; therefore it is life-saving.

Most people create their own candida at every meal; it is no surprise that candida issues plague people until they are willing to change their lifestyle habits. What foods are high in fat? Animal meat and dairy, mainly, though overconsumption of refined plant based products like oil is still detrimental (and why most raw foodists fail). Trying to eliminate candida by controlling a blood sugar problem inevitably fails, which is why we see thousands of people battling candida for years without lasting success.

All carbohydrate, fat, and protein that we eat is converted to simple sugar (glucose) if it is to be use by the cells for fuel, the way out of this cycle is not to eat less sugar, but to consume less fat. When fat levels drop, the sugar starts to get processed and distributed again, and the yeast levels drop because there is no longer excess sugar available for it to teat. The candida microbe is  also extremely short lived, if people would adopt a low-fat plant based diet (high in fruit!), they would find that their candida issues were completely gone in a matter of just a few days, though they may still have to deal with the underlying pancreatic and adrenal fatigue issues to resolve.

“Health only comes from Healthful living.” (Graham)

Fruit raises our blood sugar, but so do other foods! Complex carbohydrates top the list of highest glycemic loads, meaning they cause the largest and most rapid spiking of blood sugar levels. It is odd that we expect fruit to give us blood sugar problems but not complex carbohydrates and refined sugary desserts will not.



Yes, cancer cells feed on sugar, but cancer cells are caused by an un-oxygenated, acidic state in the body. EVER Cell feeds on sugar, as described above, by eliminating sugar you will not be stopping your body from converting fats and proteins into sugar, instead you will be making it work just as hard and instead of detoxing it through alkalizing and astringent fruits, making it become more toxic through acid protein and overconsumption of fat, which as described before, is the main culprit when paired with a high fruit diet.

Alkalize your body, low protein, and low fat with high fruits will guarantee an easy win over damaged cells. You must first eliminate the source of the problem via detoxification, and once your cells are alkalized, oxygenated, and bathed in fluids that are healthy, they will function healthy!


Finally – what have I concluded? In all cases, FRUIT is not the culprit! We did not get to our health crisis state by over consuming fruit, and consuming them while searching for a healthy diet will not ruin your weight loss goals, health goals, or overall well-being. Quite the contrary! Fruit is the food made for mankind, it’s healing, and paired with vegetables, minimal nuts and seeds, and a lifestyle that is low-stress and positive, will ensure an extraordinary recovery from genetic weakness we have brought upon ourselves.

I sourced most of my information from Dr. Douglas Graham’s book “80/10/10” and Dr. Robert Morse’s book “The Detox Miracle Sourcebook”. You need to read their books to get an understanding, as I’m very tired and pieced  parts together which I will most likely have to go back to make sense of them.











Realize, though, that fruit will not make you fat. Most likely a high-fat diet coupled with a healing diet of raw fruits and vegetables will keep you from your weight loss goal. Eat too much fat and you will have excess insulin in the body which stops the utilization of sugar, causing excess insulin, which many experts like to pin on weight gain. Take it either way – fruit is not the culprit.


Think about it – fruit is the most NATURAL, completely whole, and desirable food that is found abundantly in nature. We, as a race, started out in the tropics, and even as a young child, will always choose fruit over most other foods. It’s delicious, sweet, and comes in a complete package with the perfect ratio of minerals, nutrients, anti-oxidants, and phyto-nutrients.

Start simply:

  • Ø  Eliminate Meat and Dairy
  • Ø  Reduce the processed and refined foods in your life
  • Ø  Cut down on dead, toxic, dormant foods, and decrease your overall fat consumption while opting for vibrant foods like fruits and vegetables.
  • Ø  Eat as high raw as you want and feel comfortable with. You will experience dramatic change.

Please also check out these videos for more inspiration of weight loss on a raw foods diet, one which included a LOT of fruit!

If weight loss is your focus, it’s not uncommon to lose 1 pound a day committing to a high fruit diet with plenty of leafy green juices – all raw! Your body balances out!

Dave the Raw Food Truck Driver lost 200 Pounds in 1 Year!

Bill Barlow lost 170 pounds in 1 year!