Healthy Loot!

That’s an original title, right? Especially since I have been bombarding my subscribers with an unmentionable number of posts today…

Anyways – I have to share this because it’s so exciting!

Anytime I go to the health food store I always leave with a bounce in my step and an exciting feeling in my stomach for I know…oh I know I just scored the jackpot in healthy loot, so of course I have to share.

Plus it gives an inside look on the type of stuff I stock up on, so maybe you can do the same if you want to join in on these lovely recipes.

Let’s get to it! First of all, have you heard of Natural Zing? Yeah, is a raw food warehouse that specializes in shipping only the best raw food products at a lower price to your doorstep! Isn’t that great?

I ordered Sunwarrior protein powder (first time trying it out and I like it!), VitaMineral Greens (Ahmazing!), and Goji Berries! (<– I could live off those)

And of course, what I’ve been rambling about all week….Irish Moss & Chia Seeds!

If you are to get serious about raw food living – these are definitely supplemental items that will rock your world. You can eat a lot of raw fruits and veggies and be just fine, but these all fall under the SUPERFOOD category, and we all like to be super, so it’s a win win.

Second…. Bountiful Baskets!

It’s an on-the-road farmers market from what I understand, and you can order a box of vegetables, fruits, etc. (they’re pre-made) and they’ll deliver it every week.

100% organic, 100% amazing.

The produce was SO fresh – tomatoes, celery, mushrooms, Bok choy, strawberries, oranges, carrots – I can’t even remember it all! But look it up in your area – from what I understand it goes fast and there’s only a short time to order once a week, so mark it on your calendar and try it out!

*sigh* lovely food, lovely blessings.


What are you thankful for that’s healthy?