Healthy Yoga Retreat, October {South Dakota}

Hey sweetness!

The time for an incredible yoga retreat (the theme this year is Hearts On Fire!) is almost here! Relax, flow through an asana, and indulge in vibrant, healthy (and incredibly yummy) food prepared by yours truly when you attend! This gathering is expected to bring together 40+ lovely individuals from around the Black Hills of South Dakota.


This is actually a photo from the retreat center Finca de Vida in Costa Rica!

The retreat is being led by Scottie Bruch from Sturgis Yoga, who is a phenomenal inspiration to myself and many others in the Black Hills. In case you don’t know, many areas in the Mid-West are just beginning to get interested in holistic living, so it’s literally like introducing foreign art into a location unaware of its present existence.

Luckily, a ton of awesome, inspired entrepreneurs will be joining and participating in this retreat, so I highly recommend you check it out HERE.


Also, the menu for the event (Because, of course, we’re all interested in the food being prepared) follows:

Menu Overview

Yoga Retreat / October 2-4, 2015 (South Dakota)

Friday Snack upon Arrival:

Smoothies w/ {Vegan} Carrot Cake Muffins

Friday After Yoga Party:

            – Veggie Sushi Rolls w/ Dipping Sauce

– Salad w/ Orange-Miso Dressing & Spiced Almonds

– Hummus, Crudites, & Pita Bread*

– Fruit-Infused Waters

– Herbal Tea(s)

Saturday Brunch

            – Yogurt & Granola

– Chocolate Banana Bliss Smoothies

– Fruit Assortment

– Veggie Scramble w/ Salsa on side

– Toast & Jam

– Baked Hash (Potatoes & Herbs)

Saturday Afternoon Snack:

            – Cupcakes!

– Fresh Fruit

Saturday Dinner:

            – Mediterranean Veggie Burgers w/ Pesto & Fixings

– Baked Sweet Potato Fries (+ Ketchup?)

– Greek Salad w/ feta, olives, and sun-dried tomatoes

– Fruit-infused Waters

– Mini {Raw, Vegan} Cheesecake Bites

Sunday Brunch

– Yogurt & Granola

– Fresh Juice and/or Smoothies

– Fruit Plate/Assortment

– Healthy French Toast w/ Maple Syrup and/or Jam

* Baked Pepita Mix

– Veggie Platter w/ Hummus, Pesto, & Crackers


The entire menu is plant-based (though there will be some grass-fed, organic vegetarian options – like yogurt and feta cheese – for those who want them) and predominantly vegan…and full of nutrition! I’m sure you’re going to love the entire event, however, and so again, would love for you to check out the retreat PDF on Sturgis Yoga’s overview of the retreat HERE.  

Hope to see you there!