House of Alchemy (Juice & Coffee Bar ) Review— Las Vegas, Nevada

Hey, guys. So on Facebook, there was a big reveal of where I moved with my partner, Aaron. In a new recipe post, I will explain more about WHY we moved to Las Vegas, Nevada, and what we will be doing here. Yes, it will involve food! In fact, click here to see the next project I’m working on…

We’ve only been here a couple of days, but we’re already enjoying ourselves by checking out local restaurants, indulging in health food stores like crazy, and taking advantage of amenities like pools and such — it’s a good life.

A new adventure we recently went on was visiting House of Alchemy in southwest Las Vegas, which is a divine juice and coffee shop that also specializes in smoothies and Acai bowls. Upon entering the establishment — which is expertly located and artfully decorated — I felt welcomed into an oasis of freshness.

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The restaurant has only been open for a couple of months and will need more seating, but overall it offers a relaxing atmosphere, a vibrancy which is palpable in the air and is infused in the juices, and friendly staff who are more than willing to make your experience pleasurable.

Aaron and I met up with my friend who lives in Vegas and happily spent 20 or so minutes being offered samples of EVERY juice and nut milk concoction on their menu. Let me say this — they are delicious, well-balanced in flavor and look appealing in the glass bottles with corks.

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From matcha lattes to a “pick me up” coffee blend, it certainly is one of my new favorite juice and coffee bars in Las Vegas so far.

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Every juice is cold pressed, so it retains more nutrients and also more life force. After taking only a few sips of various juices, I felt a buzz in my entire body. Juicing (low-glycemic) is one of the best ways to get a natural high that doesn’t affect you adversely. Your cells will just soak up the nutrients and the hydration will give you a glowing look.

Following are some pictures of the experience:


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All in all, this place is great. It needs some work, but what cafe wouldn’t in just the first stages of opening?

House of Alchemy doesn’t have a website — yet, but learn more by visiting their Facebook page.

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