How I Afford To Travel & Live A Life I Love

Q & A time! I have received the questions “How do you afford to travel?” and “What do you do for income?” soooooooo many times in the past few years, I figure it’s time to elaborate – again.

I published a book called “12 Ways To The World On A Budget” a few years ago, and all that was shared in there still remains to be true… But things have, of course, changed.

So first, I will begin with this: 

There is no ‘one way’ those who travel, live and work abroad live their lives. We are each unique, have different interests and passions, and will share those talents with the world in diverse ways. 

I first began by placing the intention to live and work as a ‘travel writer’, not necessarily always on the topics of travel. I am a holistic healer by profession (RHN, ISD-Detox Specialist, ACE-PT, Reiki therapist, plant-based chef), and so knew I wanted to merge my love for spiritual entrepreneurialism (social business inspired by a desire to “do good”) with my unquenchable thirst for freedom.

I took the first leap of faith in 2013 when I left the United States for the first time and ventured to Costa Rica. I lived and worked at a healthy retreat center there (called ‘Finca de Vida’) for over a year and a half, and established myself as a writer (after receiving my certificate in ‘Travel Writing’ from Matador University) while living rent-free. Life was good. 

But after a period of time, I decided I wanted to expand my current experiences in life, and so backpacked around Latin America a bit, and came back to the United States. 


Now, this is where I take a turn from most freelance/travel entrepreneurs. I am very spiritually driven and believe in much more than the eye can see, therefore, have ‘mapped’ my life using Law of Attraction principles. I believe a business is an extension of oneself, and so am always striving towards bettering myself – whether it’s in relationships, self-love, education, physicality, etc…

Being grounded in the ‘knowing’ of who I am, I’ve found a very sweet balance of ‘allowing’ change while also feeling comfortable where I am in the present moment. This is the foundation, and it is something every entrepreneur must master,I believe, in order to be successful.

I NEVER stop growing, learning, loving, traveling, changing, and dreaming, for when we – as creators – stop, stagnancy takes place.


So how do I now travel the world and afford to do what I love? Quite simply, I freelance write for alternative news site True Activist, I offer distance coaching and healing via Skype and email (learn more here), and I employ my talents wherever I travel to, whether it’s catering retreats in the Black Hills or working as Executive chef in a plant-based kitchen in Bangkok, Thailand.

Simultaneously, I continue to study. Right now I am pursuing my Doctor of Naturopathy degree, and so am quite busy.


But although you might think you clicked on this page to learn about ‘how I made all this happen’, what you’re actually after is my ‘Secret to Success’. 


I listened to an incredibly motivating video this morning that reminded me WHY I do what I do, and WHY I am inspired to be an entrepreneur and help others live lives they love. 

It’s because I’ve been in very deep, dark places before, and I’ve learned how to crawl out of holes – sometimes by myself, other times with a little help from others – stand on my feet, and decide “This is it.” 

I TAKE action, I don’t wait for the right conditions and opportunities to waltz into my life. I attract them, I ASK the universe to provide, I TRUST with everything I am, and I FALL into the loving arms of the Creator – again, and again, and again.


While others stay up late drinking booze and watching Netflix, I’m writing the manuscript of my next book. While some sleep in until 11 am, I’m up at 6 AM pounding the pavement.

When others splurge on new clothes and eating out, I live frugally 90% of the time and save for my next adventure. I live with little, I don’t need much, and I keep my expenses low. 

I listen to my intuition and EAT HEALTHY so I have the energy and the drive to follow through with my goals, and I 100% live authentically because life isn’t worth living if you’re always trying to please others. 

THAT is the secret behind ANYONE’S success, and the only difference between you, me, and/or them, is the CHOICE to follow through and pursue your gifted ambitions.


So, in a nutshell: I’m doing things today I won’t’ be doing tomorrow. I’m planning for experiences I’ll only know once in this lifetime. But I’m staying present in the moment and bettering myself at every opportunity, for I know this simple truth: 

Only those who do what others WON’T today, will be the ones who can do what other’s CAN’T tomorrow. 

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You Deserve To Live A Life You Love!