How To Eat Healthier than Doctors!

I was a little disgusted to come across a few different articles (yes, I googled them) regarding how doctors eat. “Now Amanda, really, what did you expect??” you might ask…

That’s a very good question. Could I really be hopeful that these esteemed, highly-educated, well-paid individuals are serving as example to America regarding the food choices they make and the lifestyle choices they adopt? Of course not…I guess…

Upon review of a few articles, most notably this one… I was pleased to read that quite a few doctors of the survey opt for healthy, wholesome foods and preferably organic over standard processed foods. Definitely a huge step ahead of most today. But I was also a little put off by the doctors (mainly male) whom confessed they didn’t cut anything out of their diet, but would lessen carbohydrates for a week and cut down their calories to ‘lose weight’ when needed. (*ahem*) Unfortunately these ‘examples’ still ride the roller coaster of unhealthful eating and ignorance regarding what they put in their mouth holes. (Yes, totally just said that).

Although the Latin word for doctor = teacher and you may expect your physician to care about his/her health if as much/ if not more than your health – it’s something that is not expected nor taught today. Sadly, most doctors still think there’s little to no link between diet and diseases – such as diabetes, cancer, or heart disease – (which really, let’s get real)…. plus, the pharmaceutical industry basically has their hands in the pockets of those with white coats and a stethoscopes… so it’s safe to say when it comes to thinking on behalf of preventative medicine, the doctor is no longer the most reputable.

(And don’t forget – this is a SICK CARE system – if you’re healthy, you shouldn’t need to go to the hospital..)On to the point!

Quick Note: Don’t confuse everything I said – there are plenty of great MDs – such as Caldwell Esselstyn, Colin T. Campbell, Dr. Robert Morse…and the list goes on. But it’s a small following waking up America.

Until they get things settled and start integrating more healthful advice for patients – here are 5 ways you can be ahead of physicians and their diets.

1) Eat Plant-Based
There is no greater step than choosing to cut down or eliminate animal products (meat, dairy, eggs/cheeses) when it comes to alkalizing and healing your body. If you’d like to increase oxygenation (which improves ALL function in life), turn back the clock on aging, and have plenty of energy to move that newly slimmed body – opt for 70% or more plant-foods as the bulk of what you eat.

Raw, Vegan Granola. SO easy and healthy to make!

Raw, Vegan Granola. SO easy and healthy to make!

This could be as easy as having granola, almond milk, and fruit in the morning for breakfast, followed by a large salad for lunch, fruit as snacks, and later a delicious vegan pasta with daiya cheese, Ezekiel noodles…

Totally Vegan Pancakes. Yum.

Totally Vegan Pancakes. Yum.

or you could jump into raw veganism… Take it slow, though – add to your diet, first, that way you never feel restricted and enjoy the delicious bounty of plant foods!

Want to know how to go vegetarian? Read here: Becoming Veg

2) Drink plenty of water in exchange of flavored drinks, soda, and high-heated, high-sugar juices

You’ll automatically lose pounds and gain more energy just by ditching the refined-sugar drinks (even fake sugar is horrible for health – aspartame anyone?) and opting for water. Water helps flush toxins that can cause you to hold on to water weight in order to thin their toxicity out. Water also helps clean your kidneys, hydrate your cells, and increase circulation and overall improve function of your cognitive skills and vitality.

3) Go Organic
Chemicals are NOT meant to be on food or anywhere near it because what you ingest BECOMES a part of you and can be loaded with toxins if not organic. It’s meant to KILL bugs – repeated exposure will inevitably have an effect on you, your kids, and the planet.
Pesticides, herbicides, and dangeorus chemicals and nitrates served on refined foods (hot dogs, cured meats – ew) and on produce can cause infertility problems, neurological problems, and more. Plus – if you eat animal products which are not organic, it’s likely you’re taking in a WHOLE bunch of hormones and anti-biotics.

This is in NO WAY healthy for anyone!

4) Go Green First
Yes, yes, you were green-minded, but now think about your plate when it comes to being your healthiest. Before you eat anything else for dinner (as in after fruit and before ‘heavier’ meals), start it with something GREEN. THis means choose a BIG salad full of fiber, vitamins, minerals, and high-water content to help fill you up and in effect consume less cooked, denser foods which can be harder on the body.

In the morning? Consume a green smoothie before indulging in other foods if you’re just getting started.

On the road? Have a green bar from the health food store (or make your own).
Get the picture? Go Green and you’ll automatically be getting a lot of chlorophyll and some of the most nutritionally dense foods on the planet.

(Look at the rhinos, horses, and elephants – where do they get their protein to become big and strong… Greens!!!)

5) Snack the Right Way
Doctors sometimes reach for unhealthy foods like everyone else (hey – they’re human and super busy). But if you fail to plan, you plan to fail – so when it comes to snacking, be smart and either make some awesome vegan snacks (which are raw and delicious) click here: Recipes or visit a health food store and opt for vegan, wholesome, plant-based snacks that have fewer than 7 ingredients. You should be able to pronounce what it is you’re consuming.

Don’t live by a health food store? No problem – my favorite snack is fruit – and you can find that anywhere!!!


Follow these tips and watch your waistline shrink as your health improves. Many doctors have yet to wake up and adopt optimal eating habits. Be an example and perhaps you’ll be the one to help open their eyes and show what’s possible when you consume a plant-based, wholesomely rich and fulfilling diet.

Eat healthier than a doctor and people will be coming to you for TRUE health – this is the future, ladies and gentlemen!!! True health is in HEALTH CARE, not SICK CARE.