How to get past the Raw Food Plateau

…How to get past the Raw Food Plateau?

You’ve been dazzled by desserts that include nothing more than nuts, seeds, fruits, and a few spices… You’ve watched your weight drop, your hair get better, and you’ve gained more energy… but after a couple of months, the cherry cheesecake isn’t matching the enthusiasm you once had for raw foods, and *gasp* is that a gray hair or a varicose vein?

Sooner or later, it seems most people who try out the mainstream ‘raw food diet’ hit a plateau where they haven’t healed all they’ve wanted to, haven’t lost the final weight (which most gurus claim is inevitable), and don’t have the same energy they once had by enjoying a nut pate with dehydrated almond crackers.

Why is it? Why do people fail on the raw food diet? It’s been asked, debated, and explained by people with many more credentials than I, but from personal experience and being fired up on the subject, here’s my long video on everything I could share on it and more.

 Click me to view the awesome vid. I get fired up!

For the sake of the blog, though, and those who don’t want to listen to me rant on an amazing subject, here is how you can avoid the inevitable fizzling of the ‘raw food lifestyle’ by taking it up to the next step and realizing just how much potential you can have by eating a living foods diet.

**I go into more depth in the video, this is just an overview***

Our bodies are not meant to continuously digest large amounts of nuts, seeds, oils, and bad food combinations. It just doesn’t make sense to eat heavy, salt laden versions of typical modern American fare and expect the best of health. Sure, you’re going to feel better when you eat raw for the first 6 months because you’re eliminating the obstruction-causing foods, but sooner or later you’ll hit a plateau. How to take it to the next step?


1)Eat simply! Read 80/10/10 by Dr. Doug Graham and “The Detox Miracle Sourcebook” by Dr. Robert Morse. We are naturally frugivores and thrive off of fruit. We eliminate the crazy cravings, blood sugar ups and downs, and experience a range of health benefits by eating fruit meals, lots of leafy greens, and minimal nuts and seeds in simple, low-fat meals by excluding crazy food combinations. Your body can detox much better and stay very light and clean when you eat a diet that is not only simple, but delicious.

2) From personal experience: Get a Colonic! It took you how many years to get where you are now? You may eat raw foods (and may have for the past 2 years like me!) but you still haven’t eliminated toxic sludge that’s been sitting in your colon. (Watch the video to hear my amazing experience with hydrotherapy). Once you remove the obstruction, you will start to heal even faster and experience more vitality! Personal experience from just 1 colonic: hear, smell, think, and feel better instantly. Clearer skin, eyes, better hair, improved EVERYTHING… no joke.

Feces can sit in your colon for YEARS… and if you ate dead animal carcass in your life for an extended amount of time, chances are you still have sludge that is creating an acidic environment and holding back your healing crisis. Get a colonic and experience a higher level of a detoxified body!

**Matt Monarch is the King of Colonics – go look him up on YouTube to learn more!


So there you have it! I recommend watching my video for further talking and instruction on the WHY about everything.

And don’t forget! You’re worth every single ounce of energy you put back into healing yourself. Don’t let ANYONE ever tell you there’s no hope – with detoxification, raw foods, and herbs, (and colonics!! Woooot!) Sickness doesn’t stand a chance.

It just gets better!