How to heal faster on a Raw & Vegan diet!

How to heal faster on a raw & vegan diet:

I thought I was a superhero: faster than a microwave when preparing food, stronger than a vita-mix blade, and apparently indestructible when it comes to sharp knives…. You can probably guess where this is going…

After working far too many hours this last week (chef shortage at work) and working on many projects outside of this constant in my life, I found myself a little opposite of what I prescribe as the way to really enjoy life and be healthy. Too few hours of sleep left me a little ‘slow’ and before I knew it, chopping kale like a mad-woman, I had tried to slice my thumb off. ‘Ouch’.

Thankfully another great benefit to eating a high fruit, simple diet is that you don’t feel as much pain (I’ll get into that later)…. Opting out of stitches, I decided to experiment and see how fast I could heal, and with that said, here’s why:

On a raw & vegan diet,

1) Your blood is more oxygenated

2) There is less obstruction/inflammation and so your body can heal!

3) You’re getting massive loads of nutrition compared to typical SAD (standard American) and your body can actually use it!


As you can see, the healing rate is substantially faster than what one might experience if they were eating a highly refined, processed, animal focused diet.



Instead, my thumb has felt little to no pain, I haven’t had to use any pain killers, and in just 2 days I was back to chopping kale and more, focused, healthy, and feeling fantastic.

Looking to heal other areas of your life? Try eating a high raw, plant-based diet and you might experience some amazing changes as well!



The last picture in the spread above shows 1 week later and this is how my thumb looks! It’s fused back together, pink, and healing fantastically! Not too shabby from a wound that many thought would need stitches!



Enliven your Life!