How to help plants not feel Pain?

I recently had a question…

 from a friend regarding my Becoming Vegetarian Guide and he asked a really great question:

“Anything I can do that won’t harm a plant by tearing it from its warm spot in the ground and eating it alive or steaming it to death? I am not trying to down the vegan way, I am actually really serious about my question. I read an article where scientists recently found out plants can transmit information like a nervous system in animals. They can even remember! I bet it’s just a matter of time and technology that they will eventually prove that plants have a conscious. As a P.E.T.F.A.V. member, I want to minimize the amount of pain to a plant when I eat it. I like to eat meat, but I also have always been interested in vegetarian lifestyles and have been dying for the opportunity to try it myself! Thanks again.”


This is my response, and I wanted to share it on my blog because I think it’s a really important issue we tend to overlook in the plant community, or, really, with any food preference.




“That’s a really good question.

I also read an article about that as well when the scientists cut into a cabbage, at a high enough frequency they could actually hear it ‘screaming’.

 All plant life is like animals and humans in that respect. Because we’re all energetic beings, the way you talk, touch, or in this case ‘kill’ a plant affects its energy, which in turn affects you.

Energy is transferred from beings – remember that.

Consider this. The way you think and act towards anything actually sends that energy to it. (Sounds kooky, I know). But when they tested this out on plants, the plants that were visited, sang to, talked to nicely, and treated with respect grew much faster, had more nutrients, and became bigger than their counterparts which were talked to harshly and sent hateful thoughts.

I believe you can find another version called the ‘Japanese plant experiment’ on YouTube.

Anyways – because of this, we can look at how a plant responds to a loving environment and lessen the ‘pain’ or trauma caused to the plant and its energy by lovingly removing it from the earth, and most importantly (as the Native Americans did to the animals) THANKING the source for its sacrifice.

Don’t have me committed, there’s a lot talk about this subject. This is just my two cents.

If we go through life, though, keeping plants and animals on the same outlook when it comes to which is ‘ethically more correct to eat’ you will either 1) starve or 2) lose all moral disregard. That’s why I feel the health aspect has to come into play as the main factor.

I can’t say for certain if plants have a consciousness, but you’re correct that in time I’m sure we’ll find out more.

My opinion is that animals are of a higher intelligence and although feel like plants, have a consciousness which we can be certain of. When you slaughter an animal, not only does it send traumatic pain and energy into its system which creates fear hormones later ingested by its eater, but it’s unhealthy for your body compared to a plant’s. (Mainly by the ways I discussed in my Becoming Vegetarian Guide).

My advice overall is to decide what you want to eat, whether it’s healthy wild caught game or mostly plants and follow in the footsteps of our ancestors who figured this out a while ago.

Whatever source you gather your food from, make thanksgiving a priority to lessen its pain and ultimately yours as well.

Thanks for the question!”

Do you have any insight you’d like to add? What is your view about treating animals and plants the same because they both ‘feel’?

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