Human Advocacy – A new view on life

Do you watch the news? Isn’t it interesting how you never view anything positive about the human race? Instead it’s all a bunch of playbacks of serious recounts on the death toll, war in Iraq, and the crazy minority that haven’t awakened to a higher calling (aka = murderers, rapists, etc…)

That’s just one SMALL part of our culture. Take into account the video games, violence in the movies, “lessons” portrayed to the brainwashed watchers, and then really consider what else is happening to our society. It’s NORMAL to treat our equals as complete and utter crap. No respect, no disregard, no love, empathy, social justice, morals, etc… to people that are the EXACT same species.

(**Random Vegan Rant: Well, I suppose that isn’t shocking. I mean, we butcher and slaughter other living creatures that live with us, trust us, and depend on us to show mercy**)

Now that all that negativity has been spewed out… just STOP.  Think about what we are, as a species.


(Religious/spiritual views aside) – we are a race, that has been put here to learn, thrive, grow, cultivate, and improve. We have the resources to build cities out of crystal (if we wanted to), feed every human on the planet, promote sustainability, and truly hear the words being spoken from our creator.

(I want to adopt this one!)


We have the life, thoughts, passion, beauty, bodies, souls, and love to be something great! We can do so much with just the strength of our hands, the mindset of a strong ox, and a love that encompasses all creatures.

As a soul, you have the potential to do WHATEVER you want in life. And guess what? There are almost 7 Billion others on this planet. All with that same potential. That means there are SO many beautiful creations with the exact same potential in such a small space! We can do SO MUCH! And contrary to what you’ve been taught by the media and jaded grandparents, family, mailmen, etc…

There is GOOD in the world! And we can cultivate that Peace.

Now why did I go on that random little rant? Because I think it’s time we stop OPPOSING our own freaking species. We are LOVED, we are POWERFUL, and we can harness our God-given powers and promote an idea of change, love, and prosperity never before seen on this planet.

It all starts with changing your mindset. Like the Bible taught us – we are brothers and sisters. We are here together.

And this is the beginning of a new posts I’m going to include that focus on Human Advocacy, instead of demolishing our own human race.

There are enough things trying to slaughter our friends, brothers, and sisters:

The Government: It’s called Abortion, yo.

Vaccinations: It’s called Injected Death, Yo.

Murderous Mankind: Supported by the media & ‘illusioned’ society

Natural Disasters: Haha, just threw that in there. Not much we can do about that.

Hate, Prejudice, Greed, and Negative Mindsets: They ALL play a part! 

It’s time we view the light, beauty, and potential our race has.

Start standing up for beauty you want to see in the world!

 Be the Change you’d like to see! – Ghandi

To kick off this Human Advocacy – Yes, I stand proudly for the promotion of healthy, smart, loving humans – I’m going to share these awesome stories from

New Toilet System transforms waste into Electricity – (The Japanese are awesome…wait, we’re all awesome!)

Rats Walking Again after Spinal Cord Injury (Yippeeee for the rats! …okay, it’s a horrible experiment to try and heal them, but my positive take on this is that they’re healed. You can also heal spinal injuries through cellular regeneration and detoxification, but..*sigh*, the world hasn’t figured that out yet.)

Teen saves Couple from Colorado Wildfire – How wonderful! He risked his life and saved two others in the awful fires.

Lost Polar Bear Cub gets new home in Russia – A baby orphaned polar bear finds safe haven!


See what I mean? People and the world can be awesome. Let’s switch our viewpoint and start cheering for the Humans! (to continue getting their act together…) =D