Irish Juice Cleanse! [January 23-25]

Bloom for Life is partnering with Irish Juice Cleanseto bring you the greatest, most inspiring, and easy-to-follow 3-day program to help YOU cleanse your body and revitalize your health with thousands of others across the globe.


Many of you were excited about the latest release of the Ultimate Living Foods Guide, Part 2: Juices & Smoothies that shares over 40+ recipes to enliven you and get you healthy in no time… therefore it’s only right that Bloom for Life partners with Irish Juice Cleanse to bring you the following:

My friend Stephen – whom I met in Costa Rica – is rawkin Ireland with his latest project to help people revolutionize their health, and put together an incredible project called the Irish Juice Cleanse, which is estimated to reach and assist over 60,000 people.

I recommend you all check out the details on the website, because me re-explaining it does not do the design work, detailed FAQ, or the inspirational reasons to join justice. juicecleansechallenge

But I’ll try. A short re-cap of what you get by taking part follows:

  • You join the 2015 Health Revolution and reap the benefits of a Juice Cleanse:  increased energy, clearer skin, decreased desire for eating processed foods, detoxification etc.
  • You receive a 3 Day JUICE CLEANSE PLAN to follow which includes tips, a shopping list and recipes.
  • You receive a special and unique voucher code entitling you to up to 20 euros of selected juicers via our partners for this event.
  • Community spirit: Connect with other people taking part in the Irish Juice Cleanse Challenge via our social media platforms
  • Participants who invite friends to take part are entered into our competitions to win great prizes.
  • You receive a ‘e-Gift Pack’ which includes Healthy Recipe books and a 25% discount on buying healthy Superfood products. (Including Bloom for Life’s 7-Day Menu Plan – FREE!)
  • You directly Support 2 amazing charities: St Vincent de Paul Ireland and Focus Ireland.


How is Bloom for Life partnering?

As you guys know, a few months ago the 7-Day Menu Plan (Whole Foods, Plant-Based)with 2 shopping lists, all recipes, & pantry list(s) was published and made available to the public.

A LOT of you were happy about that… but I know there were also many unsure of whether to commit to the purchase or not. Because I want this information to be available to all, the Menu Plan will be given FREE as a gift for anyone who takes part!

That’s a $34.99 gift FREE – and the juice cleanse is 14.99 (Euros)


Plus, you get tons of other FREEBIES as well, while also creating a better world through the social benefits it supports.


What are the Social Benefits?

By taking part in the juice cleanse, not only are you benefiting your health, you’re supporting 2 brilliant charities!

Besides helping people take control of their health and reduce their risk of contracting debilitating diseases of affluence, the Irish Juice Cleanse supports the Society of St. Vincent Paul, and Focus Ireland.

40% of proceeds go to helping assist these charities works. So you see? You’re doing a WHOLE lot of good by taking part.


Just to be clear, I don’t make anything by sharing this, I just want ALL people to experience improved health, mental clarity, balanced weight, inspiration to live, and access to all the tools they require to get healthy and Bloom for Life!

Check out the website here, and be sure to book your spot asap!

xo Namaste,