Kale Chip Kraze


Looking for a crunchy, munchy snack? Look no further than the Kale in the produce section. This superfood is so high in Folate, Vitamin A, Potassium, Cholorphyll and AMAZING health benefits, making it a green to include in your diet for sure.

But no, you don’t need to steam it and eat it all bland – like. Instead, make kale chips! You won’t be able to STOP yourself from eating them, they’re so darn good!

I made 2 kinds for my trip to Phoenix. (I’m also splitting them with my mom, she loves ‘em too! – well, the ranch kind anyways)

Ranch Kale Chips.


Spirulina Kale Chips


Basically with any type of Kale Chip you want (Whether it’s Pad Thai, Spicy, Curry, Ranch, Fat Free) you tear off bits of washed Kale, and you smother/rub the sauce in it.

Then you put them in the dehydrator for 6-12 hours. Once they’re done, they’re a blissful, crunchy, (vitamin-infused) snack that beats any processed food you’ll find on the road.

 They store well, travel well, and are easy to make. Enough blabbering – let’s get to it.

I made Ranch Chips First. I personally blended an unmeasured amount of sunflower seeds, dill, lemon, apple cider vinegar, a wee bit of flax oil, water, and salt.

 A great one to follow is here, however. This recipe is from Carmella’s Sunny Raw Kitchen and it’s a Ranch Dressing to DIE for. So realistically like the original, but much better for you.

   Make the sauce & put it on your chopped/torn up kale. Make sure to really massage the   leaves – it helps break them down, but also infuse the flavor.

   Pop ‘em in the dehydrator.


   Second = Spirulina Kale Chips!!!

Oh, how I love Spirulina. I talked about it here and love just how amazing it is for you. (And me!)

These ones are a mix of Flax oil, Spirulina, Cayenne, Nutritional Yeast, and a dash of Sea Salt. Super simple – but I like my greens. Tear up the size you want (they will shrink!) and put the ingredients on top of the kale – mix it in with your hands – then put them on the dehydrator!!! So simple. Yum!


What’s your favorite way to get your greens and/or do you have a favorite kale chip recipe!?