Mandy’s Moving!


Oh, you’ve been ‘wowed’ by some desserts and stuff so far, but just wait for what’s about to come. Let’s start from the beginning….


What do you take with you when you travel? (Post with pictures to come! – And Recipes!)

**Unfortunately could not take pictures, but it will be updated with next trip!**

How about SUPERTHRIVAL Granola?! Sprouted Buckwheat, Sunwarrior vanilla protein powder, carob, dates, almond pulp, bee pollen, goji berries, pumpkin seeds, vita-mineral green powder, stevia!

Tomato Bread – sun-dried tomatoes, tomatoes, flax, spices

Extra Bee Pollen

MSM & Travel size stevia!


Where did I go? Pheonix, Arizona for a working job interview at an AMAZING vegetarian with vegan (and raw!) options. The Pomegranate Cafe!

And guess what!? I got it!

I’ll be a line chef and raw food specialist – eventually teaching classes but helping showcase more raw specials, implementing new raw ideas and desserts, and helping start utilizing sprouts.

Are you freaking excited? Because I am!

From the beginning this trip was a synchronistic event of bliss. I met amazing people, was given great opportunities to travel and catch rides with people, save money, learn a ton(!), and of course join the amazing family of this unique and blooming café.

Free food (like amaaaazing salads, green juice, green smoothies, raw desserts) is like part of the job (which I could work for in itself), and continually testing and applying your talents is the rule. I can’t describe how amazing just two days (9 hrs both days!) was, and I’m looking forward to the next chunk of time spent at this place.

That being said – if you’re reading my blog… Mother’s Day in Phoenix is going to be great! It’s like my ‘intro to the café’ and I’m in charge of bringing a raw specialty dessert/brunch item – and it’s going to be amazing!

You’re the first viewers of this new and exciting treat!

It’ll be showcased and sold for Mother’s Day… what is it?

Raw Banana Split Dessert Roll Trio With Strawberry Jam, Chocolate Sauce, and Irish Moss/Cashew whipped Topping.

I couldn’t decide how to present it… What do you think? It’s like a split between a fruit roll-up bun and a Banana Split…. I certainly like it – I hope they do too!

I’d like to perfect the recipe first, but it’s focused on simple ingredients for the average raw household: Sprouted Buckwheat, Banana, Almond Meal, and some other misc. foods + spices/seasonings/vanilla/salt, etc.

I’ll let you know if it’s a hit! I really wanted to take the time to create candied rose petals to put with it as well, but maybe next time!


Another way to present them?


Messier Version - but Yum!

Anyways, if you’re in the Phoenix/Chandler area, Please stop in this day and try out some great food! You won’t be disappointed! The café has loads of great options, and well… c’mon, you have the first sneak peek of what there’s going to be as a raw dessert, so come try it out!

…But yes! I’m moving to Phoenix! In my new apartment I’ll continue to create my desserts, although my ‘bakery’ plans are probably going to be set back a while. That’s okay, come into the Pomegranate Café for the mean time and experience Bliss!