A Message From Our Oceans

Everything is connected: this is recognized as spiritual truth, measured by quantum physics, and is a logical knowing thanks to science and statistics… Therefore it makes sense that we – being part of the perfection Source is – when in tune with our alignment, are able to tap into ‘higher consciousness’ and those realms of others we co-exist with…


What does this mean?

It means that when we – like tuning forks – put into the work to align the frequencies / energies of this human body and connect with our Soul (Spirit), telempathic abilities (feeling = translating into thoughts and impressions), we are able to communicate with all other living beings without needing to know a common language.

This isn’t just with humans who are on the same wave-length, but with animals (and even plants!). Animals communicate largely by feeling and vibration. They send each other pictures and thought forms that are translated instantaneously. I know this from study and intuition, and because this is how they have also communicated with me.


The topic of channeling and animal communication is one I have not brushed upon on Bloom for Life yet, but after a powerful dream, feel very inspired to share more on this topic. It’s for the good of us all that we learn how to channel this ability, feel and connect with others, and pay attention to the animal kingdom which has so much love and wisdom to share with us.

Quick Note: This can be referred to as being ‘psychic’, which yes, I am. But guess what, so are you! We were born into incredible human vessels with potential we have not even brushed upon. This is partly the necessity to cleanse, detoxify, and regenerate through a living, plant-based diet, lots of love, meditation, and exercise… because these bodies are incredible! Everyone has the opportunity and gift to connect with beings of all realms through meditation, developed practice, or receive messages in their dreams… and I highly suggest we DO, as there’s a lot we are missing by not being open to ‘receiving’… help we have asked for that could do us all a lot of good.

Visits From Orcas in Dream

My dream was an interesting mix of ‘Eden’-like situation (the documentary, not the ideallic garden), where I was part of a clambering, fear-based group of girls controlled by an angry, aggressive, Cocaine-addicted man. He kept taking us to different locations and making us do manual labor – all the while cursing, stating inane comments, and littering as much as possible into the ocean and the wilderness.

The focus, however, being the ocean in this dream. (Because let’s think about this: this is where most pollution ends up thanks to rivers, waterways, and streams).


Above: This is actually a garbage collector  – brilliant!

Long story short: At one point I was trying to escape and found myself on a boat – the opposite side of where the angry man was yelling and screaming at the girls to do something. We were still attached to land, but apparently deep enough in the water that I was able to look over the side and connect first with a great white shark.


This shark was beautiful – absolutely stunning. He dipped his nose out of the water, the teeth not even bothering me, and I connected with his pure essence immediately. It was instinct to reach out and feel / rub my hand over his nose as he bobbed up and down, sometimes going underneath water to propel himself back up.

He told me his life’s story, how he was actually raised in a cage / tank and tried to communicate with his owners from a young age. They never got his messages of friendship though.

He was concerned by what was happening not only on our boat, but what would become of his home (the ocean).

The shark went back under, and an image of a killer whale flashed into my vision. I knew that I would see one next (a water animal I’ve been connected to my entire life – just ask my Mom!)


She, too, wanted to connect… But pass along the urgent message that we all need to pay attention to what’s going in and coming out (over-fishing?) of the oceans. This beauty was a pleasure to connect with.

Themes & Messages:

When I dream, it is like above: it’s incredibly real, like when I talk with or type to you… and I know from the messages I receive and the ‘real-ness’ that there are reasons I experience what I do – just like you do as well.

We can learn from our dreams by translating some of the themes and images:

Angry Man : Suppression in Society & Controlling Energy

The angry, controlling, off-his-rocker man dictating this group of healthy – but scared – women is completely representational of what is happening energetic wise in our world. A fear-based, logical masculine energy is presently the theme we are shifting out of. Not that there’s anything wrong with masculine energy – we have both feminine and masculine… but as the energy our collective taps into, it makes us operate from a fear-based, limitation-set, logical mindset (first three chakras) rather than our heart, our intuitive soul, and out ‘knowing’ that can’t always be explained.

We – all of us – want freedom… And it’s exciting that in this age, we are all experiencing a shift of collective consciousness. All of us are being called to call in and accept the aspects of our divine feminine self – the nurturing, caring, emotional, artistic, creative, and expansive side which will help us think and take care of everyone as we shift out of this age of ‘innovation’ and into ‘information’.

This doesn’t mean we all need to grow dreads and sit around strumming guitars – quite the opposite! It’s time we ditch this stereotype and recognize that WE ARE ALL. We are stars, we are logical, we are creative, and we can put to work all these energies to create the best, move forward and help design a future that takes care of and supports all beings and their experience here on this Earth.

Orcas & Shark:

I feel the message from these two was about love, caring for others, re-connecting to one’s purpose, and having the strength to share truth no matter what others think.

Our oceans may be fish-less by 2055 if we do not do anything to stop the inane pollution, consumerism, and plastic-waste (+ excess amounts of trash).

Also – and I recommend everyone write down and interprit their dreams, these two appearing as animal totem and dreams mean the following:

Orcas & Killer Whales: Strength, protection, family, and cosmic consciousness.

Great White Shark: Focus, Sacredness, Primal / Instinctive, Authority

Clearly, it is up to us to be part of the positive, collective change.


For your dream interpretation, check out www.whats-your-sign.com. They offer really good, in-depth interpretation of all things symbolic.

The following organizations support support the clean up and restoration of our precious oceans. Please consider and feel which ones you’d like to be a part of:




And there are many, many more. Just Google away!


xoxo Amanda Froelich