Offering FREE Consultation!

To finish my Holistic Nutrition degree (through CSNN), I am required to submit 14 case studies. So far I have 6, therefore that means there are 8 openings for FREE consultations!



If you or someone you know is battling an illness, feel fatigued, seek better health, or just want happiness overall, consider partnering with me and receiving FREE consultation (includes entire package). This is an entire $150 package – Free! And you get to reap the benefits. There are no gimmicks, I just need to help you attain your best health to finish my schooling. Win-win for both of us, right?


Must have SKYPE

Must be willing to follow through or strive to implement dietary and lifestyle recommendations

Have an open mind – anything is possible!

If this sounds like you, please contact me for more information! Right now, as long as you have computer access and determination to change your health, you are the perfect candidate. Using technology, distance is not a limitation.



I look forward to speaking with you! Let’s create your best health…Now!


Amanda Froelich