[Online Summit] Kingdom Money Project

Hello fabulous health-conscious, peace-seeking, social entrepreneurs! Today I bring you news of an incredibly wild, fun, and special event that Bloom for Life will be partaking in with a 21+ other fabulous gals!


Called ‘The Kingdom Money Project’, This one-of-a-kind video summit is hosted by business and health coach Molly Dalbec and features 21 speakers over 11 days, who will share their stories and resources to help you find balance while serving your greater purpose. At the same time, we’ll be raising money for the A21 organization, a nonprofit dedicated to abolishing 21st Century slavery in the form of human trafficking.’

The summit features a wonderful list of female entrepreneurs collaborating on sustainable, social change for the betterment of mankind and the environment. (Wooo! Who gets excited just reading that?!)


The main three topics which are the focus of the summit and will be delved into by each female leader follow:


  • Ground your work spiritually
  • Let your “WHY” be the driving force
  • Create from passion – not burnout


  • Secrets of making great money from a dynamic entrepreneurial community
  • Move into the flow and find the money
  • Unite hard work and the heart to fly into abundance


  • Give back through the A21 campaign
  • Receive an array of wonderful gifts from the speakers
  • Experience the power of collective impact in real time

Best of all, this event is FREE, so what are you waiting for?


You can get a ton of awesome gifts (my surprise is yet to be revealed!!) by joining this incredible force of social-minded visionaries, and get started on CREATING A LIFE YOU LOVE!

When Spirit, Money, and Impact Collide, We are Unstoppable!

It’s time to start building your kingdom for a better world. Are you in? 

Sign up for the FREE event by clicking HERE! It’s Time To Start Building Your Kingdom For A Better World.