Part 1: The Basics

Part 1 of the Ultimate Living Foods Guide(Click here to learn more about the entire series), this E-book provides the basics of getting started with a live food, plant-based, and healing lifestyle.


Full of gorgeous photos and helpful information, this is the essential go-to when it comes to understanding:

Equipment neededUltimateLivingFoodsGuide1

Pantry List

Lifestyle choices to adopt to get healthy

FAQ about a living foods lifestyle

… and more!


In the easy-to-follow and gorgeous E-book, you’ll have easy access to the need-to-know essentials to blossom in the kitchen.


Part 1 of the entire series, it maps out inspirational and necessary tools you may need to obtain to create beautiful – and tasty – recipes like those on Bloom for Life.


“Finally – all the helpful information I need to know in one place. Thanks Amanda – the ebook is awesome!” -Kelly, 28 Arizona

Don’t despair if you’re just starting out on the living foods, “high-vibrational lifestyle. You’ve got all the tools and help you need now to get started.


With a pantry list and your most common questions answered, you’ll be ready to start preparing delicious recipes shared in parts 1-6 in no time

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Part 1: The Basics
Everything you need to know to get started in the kitchen and more. Includes FAQ, Pantry List, Equipment List. Part 1 of the Ultimate Living Foods Guide, this E-book provides...

Book available for purchase now!

For just $7.99, you can own this incredibly beautiful, helpful, and essential tool to help you get started in the kitchen and Bloom for Life!

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