Praise For Amanda

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    “I stumbled upon the Bloom for Life Blog when I was looking to manage my hormones with more natural solutions. This included cutting out processed foods and incorporating more fruits and vegetables, adopting a mostly plant based diet. I couldn’t have done it without her help. Her recipes provided countless inspiration and her positive attitude was such an encouragement to me. My fitness/wellness journey is by no means over but I am thankful for people like Amanda who help make achieving my goals possible. Thank you so much!”

    Mary G., Australia

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    “I first met Amanda in Costa Rica at a raw food retreat, she was the raw chef, and what an AMAZING chef she was. Her creations were delicious and also beautiful. I wish she was my “personal raw food chef”! I continued to get to know her through FB and kept track of her travels and learned that she was not only a great chef but a beautiful and loving Spirit who’s beauty, generosity and talents far exceed what I knew in Costa Rica! I admire her tremendously and know that she will continue to do even greater things in this world and to heal one person and one delicious dish at a time! Go Amanda, you’re the BEST!!!”

    Reenie C., USA

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    “I have been closely following Amanda Froelich’s ‘Bloom for Life’ website for the past one year after being referred by a friend of mine whose sister attended an Oasis Healing Centre programme in Bangkok.

    I find the recipes in her website extremely helpful especially since I am trying to change my dietary habits by intentionally including more raw, living foods and also low GI foods into my diet.

    Amanda’s instructions on how to prepare recipes like pesto pizza and smoothies and juices are so clear that I managed to successfully produce amazing, wholesome meals for my family – my husband, a teenage son and adult son.

    I was so motivated by her messages on holistic living that I started joining a yoga class and have been practicing it at home.

    After I started making some of the juices and smoothies in her website every morning, my friends and colleagues remarked that my skin looks clearer. I felt more energized and my bowel habits improved. I highly recommend her services.”

    Sue Fong, Thailand

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    “What a beautifully enlightened soul with so so much to give to the world! I’m very happy I came across Amanda online all the way from the Sunshine Coast in Australia. While I don’t know her personally I can really tell she speaks directly from the heart.”

    Ellen B.

  • chriskendall

    Amanda’ radiates passion and a certain promise, just like a flower budding to Bloom. I feel her vision, knowledge and passion simply exude this same energy. Tap in, delve deep, you can literally empower yourelf to Bloom for Life as well!!

    Chris Kendall aka “The Banana Commander”

  • michaelbrewer

    Amanda Froelich has given me simple, life-changing advice and inspiration. She’s a truly gifted holistic nutritionist, entrepreneur and overall human being.

    Founder of Focuticity

  • AshBrit

    Your food in one word: Bomb-diggity!

    Brit and Ashley, Los Angelos

  • nolan

    Amanda is a beacon of love in everything she pursues. Her essence is indescribable and I am incredibly thankful I’ve had the opportunity to know this wonderful girl. She inspires me on the daily, not only with health, but life and everything under the sun.

    Nolan Daugherty, Mississippi

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    We love your food! Who knew raw and vegan could taste this good!

    Visiting Couples (Honeymoon Week) at Farm of Life, Costa Rica

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    I’m grateful for Amanda helping me stay on track, learn more about my body, and transition into living foods for health.

    Anonymous, Florida