Praise For Amanda

  • Praise_image

    Everything she makes is A+++!

    Tori and PJ, Indiana

  • AndyPhoto

    Just one meeting with Amanda, &, I feel revived, refreshed, motivated & excited again. Amanda has such a loving, gentle, but, excited, full of life energy that is enormously inspiring. What’s great is, she was guiding me back to my own truth, where I need to be, reminding me to trust my heart.
    In addition, I was also reminded by her extremely young, fresh spirit, so full of love & hope for the world, & connecting all people, that there is hope. Amanda has the wisdom of someone way beyond her years. I don’t know how she does it, but, I feel enormously grateful & blessed to have met her.

    Andy Schulgasser Phoenix, Arizona

  • Laurie.Therese

    Amanda was our Raw Food Chef at Vinca de Vida in Costa Rica on a retreat earlier this year. She was not only a fabulous chef but was available to share her knowledge with us. She taught us that living the raw food lifestyle can be low fat & enjoyable at the same time. She recommended a book for us to read that was very helpful on our journey. After we left there, we continue to be in touch with Amanda, as she is a beacon of light & positivity that is very appreciated in our lives.

    Theresa Pierce & Laurie Zacco, The Villages, FL

  • Alicia.Miller

    Amanda Froelich has truly been an inspiration to my life from the moment I met her. She has blossomed into a beautiful spiritual being who seeks to help every being find acceptance in the raw core of themselves. Look in the mirror, take a deep breath, and let Amanda’s vast wisdom heal your mind, body, and spirit and envelop you in love.

    Alicia Miller, Sturgis, SD