Raw Catering & Hiking Adventures

First… I have to share with you a little platter I put together for work. The Pomegranate Cafe has some amazing raw food dishes (*hint hint* – check it out!) – and this was a little platter my boss had me arrange for a gathering outside of the restaurant.

There are 5 Raw Tacos – these include ‘raw walnut meat’, Baja sauce ‘raw nacho cheeze’, pico(!), avocado, and lettuce in cabbage wraps.

There is also a side of hummus (we make it fresh every day!)… with wonderful, organic veggies.

…And finally a side of Nori Rolls – they are filled with raw almond ‘cheeze’, veggies, veggies, and more veggies, and are wrapped in a nori sheet. On the side is ‘sizzle sauce’ – which makes a delightful dipping sensation that will tingle your taste buds.

Okay. Now on to hiking! Actually – this was a week ago, but I finally found the time to blog about it!

Hiking is one of those amazing outdoor activities almost everyone loves!

You’re connecting to Mother Earth & Nature…and you’re getting some great exercise while oxygenating your body! It can be more challenging (in my opinion) because you have to be MINDFUL, but still can enjoy your time outdoors!

I went with my newly made friend, M, and we had a jolly good time pushing ourselves hard to get a good time and reach the summit. (Camelback Mountain – Phoenix, AZ)


Beautiful weather (we went at 5AM)…. and a beautiful way to watch the sunrise. I highly recommend you find a place to unwind where you live by getting outdoors. We’re creatures that are meant to thrive and live connected to the earth.

(***Speaking of Connected to the Earth – I may have convinced ‘M’ to go vegan or vegetarian by whipping his butt on the hike and still having TONS of energy!!!***)

You may experience the following:

Less Stress

Elevated Mood

Decrease in symptoms (exercise is amazing!) of general dis-ease

Stronger connection to the ‘Now’

An inspired love for life…and *gasp* you may want to go hiking again!

Be warned – there are more benefits that may befuddle you. Just go with it!

Get Your Hiking Shoes and Just go!!! Where will they take you?

Question Time: When’s the last time you went hiking? Maybe it’s time you go and round-up some adventure!