Raw Lunch Ideas

I’m usually a boring type of person when it comes to food. Yeah, it’s always fun to share exciting desserts, entrees, and ‘out-of-this-world’ snacks, but 90% of what I eat is honestly super boring.

That’s not to say it’s not delicious! Like celery soup – which I’ve been living off of (I just can’t get enough) almost 2x a day for the past week.

That’s why when I had leftovers from the raw vegan potluck and my first cracker batch out of my new Excalibur dehydrator, I had actually a pretty acceptable (read: kick ass) meal that was 100% raw, filling, loaded with goodness, and so amazingly easy to prepare.

 Different Sandwich picture, but the one I had was a mock tuna sandwich with tomato crackers, mock tuna, lettuce, avocado, and sauerkraut.

If you plan ahead, it’s really easy to stay raw when you’re at the office. I’m usually gone from home 9+ (minimum) hours a day, so if I want to eat something more than fruit, I have to plan.

The following are some good ideas when it comes to being raw while at work, on a trip, etc.

Mock Tuna:

The recipe is here, and it is SO easy to make – especially big batches – there’s no excuse not to have some in the fridge for when you get home, or for your lunch during the week.

It’s very versatile as well. Have it as a dip! Wrap it in a lettuce leaf! Make a salad and put it on top!


Green Smoothies!

If you have a mason jar and some green smoothie, heck you’re set. There’s nothing easier than whipping up a bad boy like this and keeping it in the fridge for when you get hungry. Um, yum? You can even bring 2 big quart containers and sip it through the day, set out a timed schedule, whatever.

It’s great for getting lots of greens in as well! I love loading mine down with vita-mineral green powder (although you might have to work up to that…) and with spinach and fruit? It’s a perfect meal. Very light, filling, and tasty!

Trying to figure out what's on the straw...no luck.

Here’s Green Smoothie #1 and Green Smoothie Recipe #2 …

Crackers, Crackers, Crackers.

Need I say more?

Here are 3 recipes.

Juice Pulp Crackers

Tomato-Chili Crackers

Carrot Cinnamon Raisin Bread (for your sweet tooth)


Make little sandwiches at the office with them, have them for a snack, put them on your salad for more filling – you just can’t go wrong. As for the carrot bread – make a fruit sandwich or snack away!


Ah, I already talked about my beloved celery soup above. The great thing about this is it’s SO good hot or cooled down (room temperature). When I’m lazy with my food (which can be often) I’ll just bring a quart or 2 of this with me.

Careful, though, it’s very low in calories so you might need to bring a snack if you want to avoid a hunger tummy pain.


Green Soup is another option – and although it might look super weird, you can bet you’ll have the most nutritious lunch in the whole office, if not building.  A Blended Green Soup is probably the most amazing thing you can do for your body. Here’s a site that details what it is and how to make it!


Uh, Salad?

Does that ever get old? No. What really makes a salad, though, is the Dressing! Don’t go buy a salad and RUIN it with a fatty, preservative laden, sugar-filled dressing, though. Instead, make your own!

Asian Dressing

Carrot Miso Dressing (I actually haven’t tried this yet, but will be shortly!)

Ranch Dressing

Make these in bulk (most last at least a week) or choose one to make on Sunday – then take a dish with you every day. That way when the hunger strikes, even if you don’t have a salad with you, you can make a SMART choice and keep it as healthy as possible.

These salad dressings are filled with easily digestible nutrients, savory tastes, and are splendid for you and your body.

Miso, Miso, Miso.

Miso is amazing. If you’re going somewhere and you can’t bring a lot with you – miso will save you. It’s a fermented soy (sometimes brown rice, chickpeas, etc) paste that you can put in hot water and… ta da! Soup! It’ll stave off hunger and although it’s not raw, is a really good option to add to your lunch, or to keep you in tough situations.


What could be better?


these are just a few ideas of what I might bring with me when staying raw or adding more raw foods. I understand it’s a little bit more difficult when you’re just starting off and want to have gourmet pizza and stuff like that all the time, and heck! If you want it – do it!

But these are simple, easy, and most of the time fast for your busy on-the-go lifestyle, so that’s why I like ‘em.

Do you take certain raw foods with you? (other than carrot sticks?)

Any creativity to make it work with your busy schedule? I’d love to know!