Raw Sammie aka Sandwich!

This is simply the most versatile and amazing meal idea you can stick with forever. I mean, that’s why sandwiches are so popular anyways, right?

Take a slice of bread or two, stick some (ew) meat, cheese, and maybe some veggies, slathered with mayo and that = dinner, right?

Well, in my opinion, WRONG!

It’s a great idea, don’t get me wrong – but do you see what’s wrong with that picture?


Even a ‘healthy’ version causes health problems


It’s an artery clogging experiment which is loaded with tons of saturated fats, more fats, sugar, refined food items, and toxins.

That’s no good for your body?

So instead, why not try out a Raw Sammie? Huh?

Make some tomato breadthis recipe is pretty similar to what I do, and then either make a hummus, put some tahini on it, or maybe whip up this ranch dressing…add some veggies, some nutritional yeast and ta da! A raw sandwich is born! The great thing about raw foods is they’re so filling, but yet so light! You won’t feel weighed down after eating a fiber rich, mineral dense, nutrious and ultra delightful food such as this!

There are millions of options – maybe make some kale chips to go along with it! (Recipe to come!)

Or some sweet potato chips! Don’t you want to live healthy, learn to thrive, and feel so alive – zinging with energy? Then opt out of your regular artery clogging ingredient sandwich, and really experience life with this magic right here.