Revitalizing and Healing Green Juice!

Hello amazing, lovely reader! Guess what…? I have a surprise for you! I finally decided to buy a stupendous camera so that I could better show you the gorgeous-ness created in the kitchen (wherever I’m at)!


Prepare to be blown away with delicious recipes, delectable pictures, and inspiration to really jump into the raw foods lifestyle.

For example…Check out the previous post – Banana Pancakes (or crepes in this case!)crepes!

Now, let’s get to it! Greens are the #1 food (in my opinion) that are truly necessary to alkalize, heal, and detoxify the body when you transition. They’re SO healing and just nourish your cells with phyto-nutrients, amino acids, enzymes, and life force!!!

I’ve been getting in the habit of juicing every morning as my breakfast, and I have to tell you, I feel amazing! Remember the movie Avatar? And how they’re all connected with the Earth, buzzing around and full of energy?? I FEEL like my cells are screaming “wooooooohoooooo!” whenever I indulge in such a healing drink, so I want to share it with you!

Revitalizing and Healing Green Juice!greenjuice3


4 Kale Leaves

2/3 Cucumber

3 Stalks Celery

1 Apple

5 Blades of Lemongrass (Amazingly similar to wheatgrass in nutrient profile!)

1 Lime (quartered and juiced)

1 tbsp-sized knob of Ginger



Juice! I used a masticating Twin Gear Juicer which is at the Farm of Life. Juicers like these are GREAT for getting as much nutrition from your greens and veggies as possible! It’s slow oxidizing, therefore it maintains more live nutrients, enzymes, and juices slowly therefore you get more juice for your $$. They might be a pain to clean, but I enjoy the benefits of the labor!


Drink this, sit in the sunshine, sparkle with energy and light, and be super happy and blissful that you’re nourishing your body with divine life!

It feels so good when you take care of yourself – be grateful you are so good at doing it!

Until next time, much <3!