San Jose, CR Travels, Channeling “Spirit” Into Art, and Vegan Baby Shower

If you’ve missed out these last couple of weeks, here are the latest posts!


5 Reasons the States are Better than Costa Rica

This is a perspective one never hears, right? Read about these five reasons I actually prefer America over living as an ex-pat in the jungle.





Vegan Baby Shower & Raw “Cream Cheeze” Appetizers!

Join me as I travel from San Jose, Costa Rica to South Dakota. It was a blast of fruit, flights, and family fun. I also share how I catered for my sister’s baby shower. While it wasn’t all raw, the food was immensely enjoyed and it was one step further in the right direction for most of my relatives.



How to Channel the Divine Into Creative Art /Expression (Video)



I’ve been waiting to make this video for a while! It’s a pleasure to share, please enjoy!

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Raw Vegan Recipes, “You Deserve to Live the Life You Want”, and Travel: “From San Jose, CR to South Dakota”!

Enliven Your Life with Fruits and Vegetables!

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