Something even Dr. Oz doesn’t even know about!


“I saw it on Dr. Oz” – the mainstream television show that has captivated the attention of America, transformed the lives of many, and inspired a wide variety of audiences (mainly mid-age women) to take time for their health and start leading vibrant  lives. Hey, I love Dr. Oz as much as anyone (although I do disagree with some of the experts on his show sometimes)… But as a doctor, he’s doing more than most by sharing preventative and food-based medicine with emergency medicine as a last resort – and that’s how it should be! Plus, even for a middle-aged man, he takes care of himself and is sure a cutie with enough credibility to reach millions.

That said, even from my time working at Sturgis’ only health food store (Back to Nature) to talking with random individuals on the street and even my family (!) no amount of health information stuck unless Dr. Oz said it.


I can’t begin to express how frustrating this was – “Yes, I know Dr. Oz just had that on his show, but I was telling you about this 6 MONTHS ago!”. Maybe I should grow facial hair and hustle up on my PhD in medicine. Or just adopt an adorable eastern US accent.

The great thing about his show is that it does consistently reach a wide audience – people who just want to get healthy and transform their lives – even if it means finding the latest diet ‘secret’. …


But there’s something Dr. Oz hasn’t shared on his show. Raw veganism has been hinted at with certain dietary experts, but as a means to look and feel great. However with the dramatically increasing obesity issues, heart disease, cancer scares, and debilitating health issues – no one has EVER talked about the simplicity of HEALING with nature’s common foods: fruits, vegetables, minimal nuts/seeds, leafy greens, and herbs in a way unlike any other….a way that I came across from another very special doctor:

picsHome01Dr. Morse is a medical and naturopathic doctor who (for 40 years) has helped individuals cure themselves through detoxification on high fruit, berry, melon, leafy green, and some vegetable juices with a 98% successful cure rate. This is the doctor who founded the International School of Detoxification (who is also my teacher and personal hero) and continues each and every day to help others take control of their health and allow their bodies to heal. Understanding his approach to ultimate healing is simple and can be understood with the basic fundamentals.


Lymphatic System
Like any functioning household, there has to be a kitchen (gastro-intestinal tract) and a garbage system (the lymphatic system). The problem with the Standard American Diet which is 40-60% fat from mainly refined foods and mucous-forming animal products is that these are the exact foods that clog up the lymphatic system aka your sewer system.
If you stopped taking trash out of your household, it’d start to smell, mold, and stink, right? Well what happens when what you accumulate (glue from food-like products) can’t be eliminated?? Cells can’t thrive in an acidic environment, and without an alkaline medium, your cellular health starts decaying due to lack of oxygen, essential nutrients, and healing phyto-nutrients from plants.

What we refer to as ‘disease’ is 90% caused by a stagnant sewer system. High-protein, highly acidic foods (animal products, dairy, refined sugars, refined carbohydrates, chemicals, artifical sweeteners) tax the adrenals and kidneys into submission. (which I’ll talk about further below)
Your lymph nodes are in charge of capturing the ‘bad guys’ (toxins, allergens..) then passing them through your 3 kidneys (2 on each side of your back and your largest organ – your skin). However, the standard American diet has wreaked havoc on our kidney health as a species and most people are not filtering at all due to such acidic diets! That means all the ACID foods consumed and by-products created from lifestyle are contributing to rapidly decaying health, fermenting and collecting in the body – your temple.

Furthermore, because your body MUST maintain an alkaline pH in order to survive, it will go to many lengths to make this happen.
Your adrenals (the firefighters of your body) will do 3 things to help overcome toxicity:
1) Hold water
Acidosis (chronic acid in the body) is deadly (think too much acid – gout, acne, fibromyalgia) and thinning toxemia out with water (bloating) is one way the body relieves too much acid.
2) Create Cholesterol
In order to buffer inflammation and seal ‘tears’ in the walls of the arteries, your body creates cholesterol to buffer acidosis. That’s right – you can get a heart attack from being TOO acidic!
3) Steal Calcium
You body leaches calcium from your bones in order to buffer acidosis in the bloodstream. This leads to major problems – especially with your thyroid which controls calcium – and can result in brittle and weak bones. Oddly enough, milk – which is very acidic and mucous forming- is touted as a ‘strong bone’ food, yet it’s so acidic your body will leach the mineral from your bones to try and put out the fire!



All these symptoms you are trying to stop in your body are caused by previous food choices, lifestyle habits, and continuation of a death-supporting lifestyle. What pharmaceuticals, lotions, creams, and/or drugs are doing is SUPPRESSING your body’s natural detoxification process – further aiding in making you even more sick.. Can you see now that we need to be working with the body instead of looking for short-term quick-fixes, natural or not?

Naturopathic solutions of prescribing isolated nutrients and supplements won’t get the job done either! Although I am very grateful for a shift in alternative health and many more individuals opening up to the idea of going to nature for their ‘medicine’, true healing begins with what you consume and most importantly, start leaving out of your diet.


If you want to find true health and healing, then, it’s so important to start leaving out the foods contributing to acidosis and start consuming nature’s perfect foods: fruits, vegetables, sprouted grains & legumes, some nuts and seeds, and plenty of leafy greens. You gather all essential amino acids by including a diversity of these foods, alkalize and balance your system, and most importantly, can support your body’s natural healing process by going back to nature.

Thousands are now vibrant testimonials to how their lives have transformed by including more raw & vegan plant based foods into their diet. From curing cancer 563151_449270025142695_1254742376_n(which can’t survive in an alkaline pH of 8.5) and making diabetes disappear to gaining clear, soft skin and becoming an amazing athlete -there are no boundaries to what your body can accomplish when you start living a life of conscious choices and healthful habits. Read here: Common Health Benefits experienced!


A lot more of this topic will be covered in my upcoming book “Heal your Life as Nature Intends” – a guide to detoxification and vibrant living with raw foods.

But for now…


Imagine if Dr. Oz were to delve into this art of healing even for just one brief period on his show… We could reach millions of individuals and at least plant the seed of how they, too, could look for alternative healing modalities and therapeutic diets instead of the high-cost, suppressing, and business scam pharmaceutical industry’s route to ‘health’. It makes so much sense to go back to nature and allow the body to heal when you clear out the root cause of sickness – toxemia and acidosis. Using the highest vibrational foods on the planet – fruits and vegetables – and adopting other beneficial life habits – exercise, sleep, sun, play – is a guaranteed route for feeling better and inviting health into one’s life.



If you think Dr. Oz should know about this information and millions more deserve to know the fundamental truths of how they, too, can heal themselves and their lives, I invite you to PLEASE SHARE THIS POST.

You never know how viral it may go – perhaps someone close to Dr. Oz may see it and it might in effect spark an idea in this beloved healer’s mind.



The time for adopting true health practices in life is NOW, but unless individuals know about it, they will continue to pay into short-term fixes, symptom suppressing drugs, and continue to lead toxic and genetically weakening diets.


Educate the Masses, Share this with others, and let’s get Dr. Oz and the public in general to brave a new outlook on healing without high-risk and deconstructive treatments.

Amanda Froelich