You Are Special

I felt inspired to write this simple, sweet post because there is a truth the undermines all and continues to be the reason we all – healers, inventors, scientists, entrepreneurs, lovers, etc… – do what we do. We want to feel special and validate our worthiness of love. (Or if we’re beyond that, we recognize we are only love and want others to feel it as well)

There is such brilliance in this statement. Don’t you feel it? Aren’t you shivering with excitement feeling the realization that you, truly, are incredible and are worthy of love? I know just typing this – and reminding myself it on a daily basis – causes a loving glow to cascade all aspects of my experience and even touch other peoples’ lives as well.


It is in this frame of mindset we allow all judgments, worries of the future, and associated guilt with the past to fall away. We feel so darn good hearing it because it is true, and it is a ‘knowing’ that lives within you; you have just forgotten how to remember and re-realize it for yourself.

No matter what your hair color, no matter what your jean size, no matter the state of your skin (post comin’ on this soon for all of you looking to experience better skin health), no matter what music you listen to, the lovers you dream about, the insecurities you harbor, the dreams you hope to realize, the oddity you know you are, or the simple things that make you happy…

You are wonderful.

Please hear this, dear friend, and recognize it as a truth not only I feel, but so many others around you know as well.


By ‘be-ing’, you are incredibly special. You were BORN to be of this existence, were CHOSEN to live the life you are living, and are so impressively wonderful, are at all times surrounded by loving guardian angels, guides, and supportive spirits (ancestors, perhaps) to assist you along your path.

You are meant to feel good in your body, know your inherent worth, feel inspired to reach out someday like this and help someone else to their feet, and LOVE the feeling of love because at the essence of it all, that is ALL you are.

I know this as truth: I have experienced it and reach this level of realization every day during meditation. Sometimes I fall away and forget that despite my perceived imperfections, I’m absolutely how I’m meant to be… but other times it’s like the sweet caress of the wind: it’s known and it’s just ‘there’.


Experiencing this diversity to appreciate the contrast is part of life… And what a gift it is!

So… I just want to wrap this up by saying if you ever forget, or have not yet realized how wonderfully beautiful you are, please know that I and many others care for you. YOU, YOU, YOU are such an incredible extension of Source, and I’m very pleased you are alive, for we are all expressions and reflections of each other, and I find a masterpiece in the individual who is staring at this screen and reading these heartfelt words.

All my love,

Amanda Froelich