Stop Viewing People Like They Are ‘Things’. Do This Instead {Poetry}

Hey, lovelies.

Recently, I was watching a video of an extraordinary 12-year-old belting out a Sia song on stage and was absolutely blown away by her talent. At the same time, I took notice or her beautiful dress, the confidence she portrayed when singing in front thousands of people, and felt inspired by her example.

Too often, many of us nitpick others because we do it so often to ourselves. And this got me thinking… People are not dresses to be hemmed or cars to be modified. People really are perfect, and it’s time we celebrate that fact. Despite what society says, you do not need to be altered and were meant to be in this world exactly how you are.

With this thought in my mind, the following poetry just flowed out, which is why I’d like to share it with you. If it inspires you to view yourself or others more kindly, then it has succeeded in its task.



People are not things

They are not objects

No one can own them

Which is why criticizing

a person —

an individual who has a past you don’t know

feelings they don’t show

and goals that make them glow

— is one of the greatest tragedies

to befall mankind.


People are not dresses to be hemmed

Cars to be shined

or food to be created in a certain way.

They are recipes that are undefined

Perfect — no matter what you say.


People are rainbows that light up the sky one day,

as well as the rain you sometimes want to go away.


Nonetheless, people are people,

which is why people — such as you —

should know that whatever “challenge”

holds you back

You are a person — a special one

That is most definitely

here to stay.

Much love,