The BEST Juice in the World!

AKA Tammy’s Juice!

I’m a juice junkie – I can feel the difference when I go two or three days without a juice (and I really like one EVERY day) and crave greens and veggies like MAD.

The reason fresh juiced vegetables and greens are so amazing is that they are: 1) Easily absorbed into the body in a matter of minutes

2) Profound way to include more live plant-based nutrition in your diet

3) Taste delicious and allow you to include a lot more BULK of veggies and greens.

Thankfully my fellow co-workers and friends at work share the same love of fresh-pressed goodness…and this led to the creation of Tammy’s Juice aka The Best Juice in the World!

We’ve been having some form of this amazing juice almost every day because it’s not like a regular green drink which takes some getting used to… instead, this delights every taste bud in your mouth and leaves you wanting more! (Yet feeling extremely satisfied and happy)

The Best Juice in the World! (Aka Tammy’s Juice)

1 Part Apple (ex 2 Apples)

1 Part Beet (2 Beets)

1 Part Carrot (2-3 large carrots)

1 tbsp – 2 or 3 tbsp ginger (depending on how much you love your ginger!)

½ fresh pressed orange juice

**(Personal twist – I like to add KALE & Cucumber!)



1) Juice all ingredients

2) Enjoy while dancing around in your underpants singing “This juice is ahhhhhhmazing and I feel so darn good!”… (or that may just be me)…

3) Educate yourself on the wonderful health benefits of beets and ginger below!


Obviously all of God’s man-intended foods (fruits & vegetables + nuts & seeds) have wonderful health benefits, but I love this juice so much because of the beets and ginger it includes.


“The health benefits of beet juice aren`t well known, but they are profound. Beet juice is best known as a blood purifier and blood builder that helps in the creation of red blood cells. Russian longevity researcher, Mikhail Tombak, Ph.D., tells us that beet juice improves blood structure and cures diseases of the circulatory system, large intestine, and digestive system. Tombak also shares that beet juice dissolves stones in the liver, kidneys and bladder. Not bad for a common item found in most grocery stores.” Learn more:

& Ginger:

Ginger is widely known as a health agent, but did you know it induces cell death of ovarian cancer, prevents colon cancer, reduces motion sickness, is a powerful anti-inflammatory, is a natural treatment for cold/flu relief, menstrual cramps, and finally is amazing  for preventing and healing kidney damage according to a recent study.

So now can’t you see why this juice is so amazing? Just these two wonderful foods support a life worth living AND it’s freaking delicious… – try this juice out and let me know what you think!


<3 Mandy