The “God is Good” Feeling

As I sit here typing this post, slurping my “Mother Nature’s Milkshake” after a long run, I have an urge to share with you the secret of attaining the “God is Good!” Feeling.


First of all, what is this thing I speak of!? It’s a time when although the world may not be at complete peace, there may be some issues in your own life, or you might still have a lot of work to do later in the evening… you feel completely and utterly balanced in the simple-ness and beauty of all life has to offer. Impossible? I think not!


I’ve noticed that a lot of people who eat raw tend to experience this feeling on a daily basis, and then I realized that it’s because there’s a few factors in common:




1) Eat high vibrational foods: When you eat at a higher vibration (live plant-based foods) you automatically detox emotionally, physical toxins, and bad energy from your being. It’s EASY to feel good, and therefore feel good about life!


2) Get plenty of Rest

When you allow your body to really restore, rebuild, and catch up on repairing the damage our highly stressful lives cause, it can start to go beyond just ‘maintenance’ and really beautify you from the inside out! Organs work more efficiently, hair, nails, and skin get stronger, and you have more ‘bounce’ to your step now that you’re not tired!


3) Move your Body!

When you exercise, your body produces endorphins, sweats out toxins, increases oxygenation, and in effect reduces chances for sickness (on any level) disease dramatically. Just being outside also is proven to improve your mood, couple it with a relaxing walk or jog and you’ve got a lot of reason to be happy after your time spent moving!


4) Drink Lots of Water

Hydration, Hydration, Hydration! This one is key – because your body is literally bathed in fluids. Drinking plenty of water results in faster cognitive function, better body weight (through flushing out toxins), and improved energy overall! Get some H20!


5) Take time for You – meditation, silence, reflection

Recognizing that you deserve some you time really can improve your life as well! When you take time for reflection, it’s a lot easier to view the big picture in life, connect to what’s really important to you, and accept your life’s ambitions! What really makes you feel like ‘you’? Go do it! Spend some time in nature and remember You are the only person you are with 100% of the time, it’s time to really enjoy and get to know yourself!

So simple, yet when you take care of yourself you’ll find that doors and windows open up, you can enjoy and really experience life at a higher level, and naturally you’ll have a little strut in your stuff because when you’re good to every part of your being, it’s natural to feel your best. Find your higher enjoyment in life!

What are some day-to-day activities you do to feel your best?

XO Mandy