The Human Purr – And What This Means For Spiritual Wellness


Note: The following information is my (Amanda Froelich’s) opinion, based on personal experience, studies, and insights delivered clairvoyantly through meditation. I do not expect every lesson to resonate with each individual, and obviously as we are dealing with the realm of emotion (feeling) and intuition, it will be hard to validate any of these opinions scientifically. For that reason, I suggest reading the following and forming your own conclusion on personal experience and how you feel about the matter. Namaste. 

Did you know?

Humans purr, kind of like cats and dogs, but on a vibrational level. 

When two people are near each other, are experiencing pleasure by ‘being’, and have allowed themselves to keep their throat and heart chakra open while communicating and/or sharing space, a special frequency is emitted, matched, and mirrored, which builds and creates what I can only deem to be a ‘purr’ (on an energetic, ‘unseen’ – only felt- level).

We know from studying cats and ancient Egypt that an animal’s purr is actually very therapeutic and healing, but it is also bonding. It is the purest form of saying, “Thank you. I trust you. I love you – or am ready to love you.” And those can be the most healing words which extend from one of the most healing vibrations on the planet.


Even if you don’t feel ‘energy sensitive’, if you have a close, intimate relationship with someone, you have likely experienced this – and still do – though have not been fully aware of the power.

LOVE is seriously the most powerful, transmuting energy in existence capable of receding doubt and washing away fear; it helps shift one’s focus from a mentality of lack to a state of awareness and being of ‘fullness’.


You are always attracting what your focus is on, so if you keep a bit of your attention focused on worry and lack, you will continue to create it. But LOVE – in all its beauty and wonder – is capable of completely shifting your attention into the NOW and helping you remember you have everything you need, right here, in this moment.


What a gift that you can connect and share this with others. In the future, this will likely be referenced when we talk about high-vibrational, conscious relationships and the power of intention and awareness when bonding and communicating with others.

For now, isn’t it interesting that there’s such thing as a ‘human purr’?

What I deem to be the vibrational purr, is the result of the feeling of satisfaction, fulfillment and alignment with the universe in the present moment. If your centers (especially the throat) are open, you are a better vessel through which love can be channeled and given freely.

Remember, the more you give you will inevitably receive. You are ALWAYS provided for, and kindness if the currency of the universe. Never doubt you are being looked after – it is okay to let yourself expand and ‘be’ the truest form of who you are. <3

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