The Live-Food Restaurant You HAVE to Visit in NYC

Foodies, health-conscious individuals, curious contemplators of connected living, do I have a treat for you!

As you may read from my travel blog Travel Fruit Love, I have literally been ‘jetting’ around the US for various reasons…and one of the destinations I found myself in for a period of 4 days was New York!


I (and my mom who accompanied me) have dreamt about visiting the ‘Big Apple’ for many years now – me mainly to visit Pure Food & Wine, what some would call the BEST live-food restaurant in the US (world even)… And after sampling their menu, I think I’d have to agree.

My mother and I, after having spent the day touring upper-state NY (Times Square, MOMA Art Museum)…




…took the subway rail down to Chelsea’s square to find One Lucky Duck and Pure Food & Wine (same owner – Sarma!).

After running around the park a bit, we found it. *My heart skips a beat*


We got right to work looking over the menu. Well, me some, as I’ve had parts of it memorized for a while! (You can view it in completion here)


My mom and I decided to split a starter, main, and dessert. There was no shock at the prices – this place is well-known for it’s quality and costly food (well-worth it)…  And after many minutes of contemplation, chose what looked best to us!


For a starter, we ordered the Kale Caesar Roll with Avocado and Pickled Onions. It was a nori roll filled with marinated curly kale with a caesar dressing, pumpkin seed parmesan spread, spicy peppers, and pickled ginger on the side.


OH MY GOD. I left my body (and almost cried). Dipped in the savory, Shoyu-based dipping sauce, the combo was magical.


The first bite, both my mom and I were in bliss. PERFECTLY – I repeat – PERFECTLY constructed flavors, well-balanced tastes, delicious textures, and incredible energy filled my mouth with radiant ecstasy. (Not kidding)

THIS is the experience I seek when I create live, plant-based food and consume it myself. BRAVO


For a main, we chose the Sweet Corn and Cashew Tamales with Chili Spiced Portabella.

This entrée had a zesty salsa verde, avocado, cashew coconut sour cream, and a raw mole.

Together, the mole, sour crème, and marinated mushrooms melded into perfection, and – again – was a JOY to eat. I usually don’t get super attached to food, but this was different.


We scraped our plates clean. And by this time were already incredibly full…

But dessert! The most incredible, to live-for, delectable Mint Sundae with Chocolate Mint Cookies was to come…

This $16 treat (again – SO worth it) had fresh mint, chocolate, and mint-chip ice creams, a creamy chocolate sauce, and fluffy, fluffy vanilla cream.

purefoodwineI don’t do dessert. I have fruit if I want sweet, but shista, this was incredible. The ice cream was FLUFFY! Like, incredibly fluffy and perfectly satisfactory taste-wise.

We both, again, were in heaven. Luckily my mom’s phone rang so I got to finish the last few bites.


I did think there were waaaay too many mint-chocolate cookies, and would have preferred to have more ice cream (pint, anyone?)… But couldn’t complain after the feast we had been gifted.

Pure Food & Wine is the epitome of what the raw food restaurant industry can offer. They bring living, plant-based food to a whole new level, and it is my personal opinion that if you ever venture to New York, you must try out the food that is offered.


Also, venture around the corner and sample the ‘to-go’ (lesser expensive) menu at One Lucky Duck (same owner – Sarma) that offers delicious dehydrated goods, shirts (yes – got one!), juices, smoothies, and tasty desserts.

Going to places like this inspires me to be the best at what I do; not in a competitive way with others,, but just giving 100% and sharing the best at all times. How about you?

Leave a Comment! Have you yet visited Pure Food & Wine and experienced a bit of live, nutritious heaven? Do you plan to?!


Amanda Froelich

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