The Raw Natural – New Documentary & Potluck

My time in Phoenix has been going so FAST! Thankfully, to sites like I’ve been able to join in on some interesting events in the area to meet people and join other like-minded individuals.

One of these great meetups being advertised was the showing of a new documentary The Raw Natural by Rachel Prinze (who also stayed at the Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center for a while) and her documentary was amazing!

Before I get into that, there was also a potluck before the event. 67 people RSVPD (!!!) which is way more than know about it in SD, so I was fricken excited. (Sorry for the lack of pictures)

I brought my famous mock tuna collard wrap rolls. Honestly, it was the only thing I could whip up 20 minutes… I was SOOO Busy!


Carrot Pulp + Cashew, garlic, lemon, sea salt, water dressing (mayo-ish) + chopped bell peppers + chopped celery + sea seasonings (Braggs Kelp Seasonings) + Nutritional Yeast ….

Riding Shotgun

In a collard wrap with a little slice of tomato & cucumber. They went FAST! And they were a hit. I mean, who doesn’t love little raw wraps? There were some other great dishes, like a supreme kale salad, a few delightful desserts (yes cheesecake, talking about you), cactus salad (super good!), fruit, wild raw jungle peanuts, and many more creations!

The people, now, let’s just say that was one of my favorite parts of attending… I met many amazing individuals – people who have been interested in raw foods for 10+ years (Elaina Love, Chef Sessy…), and those who had just found out about it today. Their PASSION was so inspiring, so uplifting, it just made the energy in the room so enjoyable. I had great talks with everyone (or 30% of everyone) and felt like I had found a soul group of sorts. We all got it. Don’t you love it when you meet people like that?


On to the documentary.

After everyone had waited, munched, chatted, and prepared themselves for a documentary, we had a brief introduction from Rachel Prinze, the director, on the background of this film.

After meditating for 3 days in a temple during Rashashana at the temple at the Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center, she had her first ‘ah ha!’ moment when she heard a voice – basically it told her to Get a Camera. She was no filmmaker, but she knew this was something she had to do.

Rachel & Elaina Love

Evan Strong was a rising star skateboarder when he got hit by a car and lost half of his left leg. Although many around him were devastated, he previously a few weeks before that point had received guidance and a spiritual awakening of sorts and just KNEW everything would be okay. He even knew that he would go on to do great things, and his family would be a part of that.

It goes into his story, has great footage from raw food experts/celebs like David Wolfe, Masaru Emoto, Gabriel Cousens, Elaina Love, Juliano (!), Brayan Kest, JJ Flizanes (celebrity trainer), Bryan Kest, Paul Chek, Jake Mapes (MMA Fighter), Jonathon Huizinga (Pro Baseball pitcher, who I met!), Emesto Ponce (Tennis Player), Amy Purdy (Snowboarder), and many more brilliant faces.

Through Raw Foods, spiritual connectedness to what you are doing RIGHT NOW, willingness to change and keep an open heart, Evan Strong proved ANYTHING is possible.

He is now the #1 Snowboarder (Gold Medalist) for handicapped individuals in the WORLD and will be competing in the Olympics in the future.

His story, the story of other ‘come-back’ or advancing athletes with raw foods and the power of Holistic Nutrition in all of our lives is really what this documentary is about.

I’ve summed up some of it, but cannot convey the inspiration it leaves one with. After viewing this new video, I immediately revised all previous limitations I had given myself in life. (I can’t write a book, I’m not experienced enough…etc.)

That’s exactly what we do. We limit OURSELVES and I truly believe that raw foods area  huge healer in helping to awaken our own soul recognition of what is possible by cleaning, restoring, healing, and enlivening our bodies.

I recommend this documentary to anyone and everyone, especially if you are interested in what raw foods can do for you in your life, are looking for an edge in athletics, or just feel that you were made for more in this world and would like to awaken.

Enliven your Lives!