The ONLY Thing You Need to Accept Before You Become Well

Hey there beautiful friend,

It’s a common belief that when one becomes sick, there is something ‘wrong’ with their body. Through force (surgery) and pharmaceutical drugs, a very rough approach is usually taken to work against the  mechanics of what is happening in the body to produce a certain result.


While our scientists have gotten really good at manipulating the cells and chemistry of the human body (and many other things – GMOs), in the long-term the result they have been seeking to produce has not resulted.

While there are more technological inventions and educated individuals in our world than ever before in the history of mankind, it’s populace is still sicker than ever. Why is that?

This is because the logical, masculine way of looking at the body and its capabilities to heal (or focus on its degeneration) dominates the medicine industry at present, and in result a whole facet of other important parts of healing are overlooked.

You see, you are not just a bunch of cells and fluids. From a physical perspective, yes, this is true. But when we let go of this one part of your existence, it becomes obvious that there is a conscious energy that is fueling everything you are, as well as everything in existence.

This pure form of infinite intelligence is what created everything in the universe – some call this Source God, which is completely perfect – do what feels most comfortable to you. This creator exists at all vibrations and frequencies of the universe.

All matter is merely energy condensed to a slow vibration

You know when people talk about ‘radio or electromagnetic waves’? These are energetic vibrations that we cannot see with out human eye. But that doesn’t make them any less real. Same goes for other dimensions and levels of existence we have heard about from prophets, but still – as a collective group – are skeptical to accept. (Even though Kirlian photography can show some of this)

That doesn’t really matter, though, because you are the creator of your own reality, and that is what this article is about. The many levels of vibration which are you – I mean, you exist on all of them – play a role in the health and beauty you exude today.


Through poor diet, imbalanced lifestyle, low-vibrational emotions (anger, hate, jealousy, etc…), attachment – basically living out of alignment with source – your true self, which is completely love – sickness manifests.

Part of my job as a RHN is to deal with the physical, yes, but also get to the root cause of physical issues by seeing ‘beyond’ what is right in front of us. What emotions are you feeling? What regrets are you holding onto? Like it or not, these things play a big role in the health you are experience and creating for yourself.

I work with people to get to the root of these emotions, express them, feel them, and let go. I do this with energetic vibrational therapy, as well as helping them help themselves by adopting a more holistic, colorful, and plant-based diet. The colors, vibrations, (okay – vitamins, minerals, and all else on this physical realm) help detoxify the body and also allow them to resonate a higher frequency. When you’re not weighed down on the physical, it becomes easier to work on the intrinsic / emotional parts.

After that, we really get to work on the CONSCOIUS CREATING  – and that’s my favorite part. What most people are not ready to accept is the fact that they (YOU!) are choosing every single thing that comes into your life, because all is energy.


You do this by the thoughts you think! This means it’s more important than ever we help you become in alignment with you true-est self so you can be happy (and that usually means creating vibrant health, taking up new hobbies – doing what you love!) so you keep attracting more of that.

See? My work isn’t just on the physical and allowing you to physically heal. You deserve to live a life filled with vibrant health, fulfilling relationships, and exciting opportunities. And the ONE TRUTH YOU NEED TO ACCEPT before you can is this:

You control and shape your entire reality. By the thoughts you think and the energies you choose to tap into (feelings / emotions), you play the only role in what you experience. You can choose to be happy, you can choose to feel sad. You can transform your life into whatever it is you’ve always desired, or you can stay ‘out of your vortex’ and feel disconnected from Source.

This is truth. This is what I assist you in help realizing, and when you do experience it for yourself, your life will never be the same.


Take steps today to learn first-hand how your thoughts affect your reality.

1) Eat a cleaner diet. What you put in comes out. Eat more fruits, vegetables, leafy greens, (soaked & sprouted) nuts and seeds, and drink plenty of water.

2) Move your body 3 x a week in any way that feels better for you. You will feel more energized and slowly but surely start loving yourself even more. Beautiful-Example-Of-Imagination-Art-Photos-e1383062615384

3) Spend more time in nature. Natural environments are alkaline, soothing, and allow the body to rejuvenate. Sit by a creek, think of positive things, and be grateful for the life you are currently living.

Above all, you deserve to live a life you love. Accept this, act on it, and you’ll manifest a world you’ve always desired.

Much love,

Amanda Froelich