Served with a #raw & #vegan Stir-Fry!

Tom Yum Soup w/ Daikon ‘Rice’ {Raw, Vegan}

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Happy Tuesday! What a glorious day to wake up, enjoy the splendor of living on this Earth, and engage in activities you love. If you’re still working at manifesting your dream job/life, don’t forget to be happy and grateful for what you have been gifted this present. As Abraham-Hicks says, ‘There’s beauty in enjoying the contrast before you, for if you were gifted everything you desire in this moment, you would not enjoy it fully, and would also likely become very overwhelmed.”

We’re gifted little bits at a time (as we CHOOSE to allow ourselves to fully receive) because we are on a continuous journey of expansion and growth. I prefer to liken this to the choice of consuming ALL your meals needed for the remainder of this life in one meal, versus enjoying a meal (or 2-3) every day for the rest of your life.

Enjoy the ride! It’s about the journey. 

Outside the temples of Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Outside the temples of Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Anyways, today I bring you a fabulous recipe, once again crafted in the Verita Life kitchen in Bangkok, Thailand. I have SO many recipes to share, I’m actually constructing a {ketogenic, live food} recipe book (the first in the world, I think) to help you on your healing journey. (Keep an eye out for that!)

If you like spicy food, Asian cuisine, or just like soups in general, I really think you’re going to love this raw vegan variation of Tom Yum soup with a side of Diakon ‘Rice’.


Peace Cafe in Siem Reap, Cambodia

When I backpacked through Cambodia, there was this adorable little vegan, hippy cafe called the Peace Cafe in Siem Reap (above!). It is a non-profit restaurant that benefits local charities, and they served up a wicked menu. Although their version isn’t raw, it was SO good (and quite addictive). I found myself biking to the cafe almost daily to work on the computer, read and savor a bowl of the super-spicy soup with a side of brown rice.

This is the area Angkor Wat is located at as well. I highly recommend you check out this wonder of the world if you make it to Asia.


But in the meantime, enjoy a bit of Asia in your own kitchen by creating this fiery (um, spicy!) Tom Yum Soup with a delectable side of Daikon-Macadamia ‘Rice’.

Tom yum soup w/ Daikon ‘Rice’

Preparation Time: 10-15 Minutes

Servings: 3

This is Gochujang

This is Gochujang


1 T Galanga, diced

1 T Lemongrass, diced

1 T Kaffir lime leaf, diced

1 cup Tomato, diced

1 tsp Red Thai Chili

2 T Red Onion

6 T Lime Juice

2 T Nama shoyu

1 T Gochujang sauce (Note: You can usually find this at Asian grocery stores)

1/3 Cup Water



2 cups Marinated Mushrooms (slice mushrooms, massage with Braggs amino acids, a dash of olive or coconut oil, and lime juice; let sit for 5-10 minutes)

1 cup Young Thai Coconut Meat, cut into strips

1 cup Tomato, cut into quarters

1 cup Coriander (Cilantro)



  1. Add all ingredients except water and garnish into a high speed blender and blend until smooth
  2. Add in water and blend until smooth
  3. Pour into bowls and serve with marinated mushrooms, coconut meat, tomato and fresh coriander
Served with a #raw & #vegan Stir-Fry!

Served with a #raw & #vegan Stir-Fry. (Daikon ‘Rice’ is underneath the sprouts)

Daikon Rice

Preparation Time: 15 Minutes

Serving Size: 3-4 


½ Cup Macadamia Nuts

¼ Cup Cashews

2 Cup Daikon Radish

2 Garlic Cloves

1 tsp Sea Salt


  1. Pulse macadamia nuts, cashews, and garlic until fine. Add daikon and salt and pulse until ‘rice’ consistency.
  2.  Store in an air-tight container for up to 6-7 days in the fridge.


Put these two together…and voila! You have yourself a super amazing, delicious Asian meal to satiate your senses until you have the opportunity to travel to the incredible continent yourself.

Here’s an article I wrote about traveling to Siem Reap titled: 10 Tips For Traveling In Siem Reap. Check it Out!

And if you, too, desire to travel the world on a budget, check out my BOOK: “12 Way To Travel The World On A Budget” HERE. You don’t have to be rich, famous or have tons of money in the bank to travel… Trust me! All you need is a desire to learn, love, explore, and grow as an individual.


PS – If you like recipes like this, please comment below! I have a lot more Asian-inspired raw recipes I’d love to share with you all.



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