Vegucate yourself!

Gettin’ Vegucated

Greetings! There’s no greater feeling, in my opinion, than making some sort of healthy raw, delicious dish and have people swoon over the plant-based party in their mouth.

This is an example of what I was so fortunate to be able to experience. Delighted at creating raw vegan cheesy kale chips and jalapeño cheddar better-than-cheez-its, I spiffied up the bags with creative markings and lo and behold, my place of employment put them out on the shelves to share… okay, sell.


And sell they have! What’s even more exciting than this idea of good business is that I’ve been able to meet and connect with the individuals consuming my products. Usually a reaction like this occurs:

1) They timidly take a chip or cracker… looking a little unsure.

2) They take a moderate sized bite…

And then…

3) Their eyes explode in size and they go… “WOW, these are SO good!”

And then I get to explain how they really ARE so good for your body, mind, heart, and soul all in one! It’s an amazing experience which benefits everyone, and those are the types of situations I love the most! …And because I love you all so much – here’s the recipe for some of my famed kale chips…!

-Hint Hint- sometime in the future I’ll be launching a raw ‘goods’ store with a few different options like these to ship everywhere!!, so keep your eyes peeled!-

Also – tonight I stayed after work for an event – a documentary called “Vegucated” and here’s my review:

It’s absolutely fantastic! The emotion and experience is very real, because unlike a scientific bombardment (which I love but turns many off), it follows three individuals through their vegan experience for 6 weeks. They change dramatically as they become ‘vegucated’ and pretty soon it’s no longer seen as

an alien-cult-crazy fad lifestyle, but one that is real, embodies truth and awakening, and shows in a very realistic, simple, and honest way what the food industry is doing (lying, manipulating, keeping you in the dark) and the speciesm going on.


If you love your dog, why would you eat another animal that based on IQ charts is smarter, feels just as much pain, and is killed in an inhumane, torturous way?! (and More)

It just brings attention to the facts that make too much sense to ignore, and really allow you to decide and take a step for yourself.


 My heart just exploded in gratitude to the young woman who created this documentary (as her first, too!) – because she’s helping so many people!

Even the gentleman who was running the event’s techie stuff said he wasn’t going to have his evening steak and was really considering vegetarianism now!!!


Big change starts with individual actions and commitment to the truth. Ignite your fire by watching this documentary and really open yourself up to all ideas that way you can decide for yourself – not like a one-sided, brain-washed culture.


Much love!! <3 <3 <3