• How To Make Hydrating Papaya Boats {Raw, Vegan} + Standing Rock Update

    Posted By Amanda Froelich on November 28, 2016

    Hey, lovelies!

    Okay, this might be the simplest recipe ever, but it’s still a great one to know how to prepare. Granted, one is most likely to make this dish if they live in the southern U.S., Latin or South America, and tropical regions elsewhere, but it’s still possible to create even in colder climates like the Mid-West (where I am right now… brrr!).

    Nonetheless, papaya boats are awesome! Consuming fruit in the morning is a great way to hydrate your body, nourish your system, and move your lymphatic system. Papaya, especially, is a great fruit because it’s high in fiber (great for digestion), vitamin A (nourishes skin, eyes, nails and hair) and is high in digestive enzymes so, again, helps clean out the colon.

    If anyone suffers from constipation, I highly recommend they consume more papaya.


    Fun fact: even the seeds of papaya are incredibly nutritious. They help rid the body of parasites and are extremely good for digestion.


    This recipe was actually included in my recent cookbook (which can be found here), and I HIGHLY suggest you check that resource out because it’s full of 80+ plant-based recipes, a 2-week menu plan, and ALL the info one might need to adopt sustainable, vibrant change.


    Without further ado, here’s the recipe for papaya boats:

    Nourishing Papaya Boats {Raw, Vegan}

    Preparation Time: 10 Minutes

    Serving Size: 2


    • 1 medium papaya
    • 1 mango
    • 1/2 cup sliced fruit (strawberry, guava, banana, etc…)
    • shredded coconut (optional)
    • cinnamon (optional)


    1. Begin by halving your papaya and scooping out the seeds with a spoon. Then, peel your mango and slice into chunks.
    2. Mix the mango with another fruit of choice and add in a sprinkle of shredded coconut. Mix again.
    3. Next, scoop your mango mixture into the semi-hollowed-out inside of the papayas. Garnish with fresh herbs (mint is delicious) and serve as is!
    4. As you can see above, the options of what you can fill your papaya boats with are endless!

    It’s really that simple… And oh-so-delicious! I used to make papaya boats when I catered retreats in Costa Rica (and taught citizens in Kenya, Africa how to eat healthier).



    And I could leave you with this recipe, but I have some important information to share. Normally, I’m pretty reserved about sharing other aspects and interests of my life on Bloom for Life, as I mainly want it to be a resource for sustainable change. But guess what? When I do that, I leave a bit of my heart out.

    I’m a multi-talented, very diverse individual. When I’m not teaching people how to eat and live healthier, I’m giving reiki sessions to clients. When I’m not doing that, I’m writing for the alternative media site True Activist, helping to “expose the truth a lie at a time”, because I believe the official “narrative” most citizens in the U.S. believe is inaccurate and oftentimes fear-based. When I’m not doing that, I’m offering various other services – from PR work to photography to reflexology to yoga… You name it – it’s done. At present, I’m also attending university in South Dakota (where I grew up) to gain a more solid educational background to go farther in life. And, because I love to learn.

    One thing I haven’t shared anything about on Bloom for Life – despite having been covering it for True Activist since April – is the Standing Rock protests which are taking place near Cannon Ball, ND. In case you haven’t heard, supporters of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe are protesting the development of a four-state Dakota Access Pipeline which threatens to uproot burial ground and contaminate the Missouri river. There’s a LOT to learn about what’s going on, and I’ll share some links below for you to follow:

    Company Behind DAPL Rounds Up Wild Buffaloes, Keeps Them Without Food Or Water [Watch]

    Woman Arrested On Own Property After Her Land Was Stolen By DAPL

    Basically, my update is that this next weekend, I’ll be returning to Standing Rock as a member of the press to document more of what’s going on there, as well as be an advocate for sustainable change. Following are some photos from my first trip a month ago:

    Credit Amanda Froelich

    Credit Amanda Froelich


    Credit Amanda Froelich


    Credit Amanda Froelich

    Credit Amanda Froelich

    Credit Amanda Froelich

    Credit Amanda Froelich

    Credit Amanda Froelich

    Credit Amanda Froelich

    Credit Amanda Froelich

    Credit Amanda Froelich

    Credit Amanda Froelich

    My other announcement is that I’m going to stop trying to categorize and dissect every aspect of my life – especially pertaining to Bloom for Life. I feel like this website is my baby, and it’s something I want to nurture and allow to grow. I am SO much more than just a chef, and it’s time the other talents and interests I have overflow into this resource.

    With this revelation, I think I’ll feel more comfortable producing videos and encouraging readers to what I always suggest: opening one’s mind to bypass perceived obstacles and ‘live a life they love’. It’s time we wake up, brothers and sisters. Are you with me? 



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