VLOG Craze, (Raw) Living Expo, Dave the Raw Trucker, and Healing in Sedona!

Hello Rawkin family!

I’m sure you heard about the Raw Living Expo in Sedona, right…? There Raw-Living-Expowere TONS of amazing pioneers and healthy raw-food experts speaking over a period of 3 days (February 21-24th) such as Dave the Raw Food Trucker, Dan the Man, Markus Rothkranz, Elaina Love, Gabriel Cousens, Kristina from Fully Raw, Brother Echo, Mahanomi….and oh my gosh… the list goes on!



(They had SO many classes – it was super)

I couldn’t believe it when I drove up to Sedona (I got Sunday off only) and saw not only how beautiful it was – but the amazing turnout! SO many lovely, inspiring, and high vibrational beings came together to learn at workshops, hear others speak on experience and wisdom, and celebrate with dance parties, the Raw Awards, and just enjoy life in general!sedona

I’m sure I missed quite a bit, as Sunday was the finale – but still held a LOT of awesome classes and amazing people. For a glimpse at what I experienced, here’s a video kind of showcasing the Raw Living Expo.


I had a DELICIOUS low-glycemic smoothie later, too – although it was super expensive – it was worth it because it was so simple and hey – was at the Raw Expo!


The Chocolate Tree put up a temporary booth to serve food for all the raw food enthusiasts (footage in the vid)..and it was just amazing.


The Green Smoothie had…. Sprouted Almond milk, Spirulina, Avocado, Goji Berries..and I think that’s it! Super refreshing and new. Gabriel Cousens would approve!


I also had the amazing fortune to become friends with Dave the Raw Food trucker! Obviously if you watch my videos, he kind of is the star in most of them (he’s just so darn amazing). The one below is what juicer he thinks is the best! Do you agree..?


And finally – I had a personal interview with him. Seriously guys – he healed himself of Diabetes, Stroke, Cancer, Paralysis after a Heart Attack, an angry heart, and lost over 200+ pounds! His zest and love for life are testimony to how transformational a raw, vegan, and living foods diet is!


He also spoke at Pomegranate Café Monday, too! I got to create the raw special, and I’ll share the creamy tomato-basil soup soon!…


That’s coming up – so keep an eye out!


For now – enjoy these videos. :)


It’s amazing what you can do when you choose to Enliven your Life the way Nature intends. <3



Amanda aka Mandy!