For Those Who Are Waiting to Get Sick Before They Become Well…

I’ve heard it many times, especially by those who perceive my enthusiasm for healthy, holistic living as an extreme fad: “Ah, I’m just going to enjoy myself until I contract something, and then I’ll change my ways. I mean, how could I ever give up my ____, _____, or _____?” Any of those options could be ‘ice cream’, ‘meat’, ‘dairy’, ‘soda’, ‘Doritos’, and on, and on…


This is our world. This is what the mentality concerning health has gotten to. While I don’t expect every individual to jump on a plant-based bandwagon today or tomorrow, I do expect that as our world realizes its health is DIRECTLY linked to its diet and lifestyle choices, most will choose to make the intelligent choice and opt to live as naturally as possible so they may prevent illness and live long, healthy lives. The issue is… even with all the information, incredible free resources, and hyped-up teachers like myself enthused to share this knowledge with others, people will not hear it until they are ready.

And so while I respect that, I’m putting up a case today to inspire transformation on your end so you really contemplate just what are you waiting for in hesitating to dump the toxic, acid-forming foods you know aren’t good for you, and create a life you desire and deserve.

If you seek:lovingkindness4

  • To feel radiantly healthy
  • Not feel addicted to food
  • Have more energy
  • Be free from aches and pains (including headaches, joint stiffness)
  • Loosen and Let Go of Mucus, Coughing, and Chronic Asthma
  • Feel Inspired to do the things in your life that call to you
  • Own your confidence and feel BLESSED with a purpose
  • Naturally feel more motivated to do tasks that you’re procrastinating on
  • Clear the “Mental Fog”
  • …And experience SO SO SO many other benefits that aren’t listed here…

Then it really is time you critically consider your options and the path you want to walk down after reading this article. You see my friend, nothing in this world – your life – will change until you DECIDE to and make it so.


And because everything in this Universe is perfect (you had to “ask” for it in order to wind up reading this article), this is the ‘wake up’ call you’ve been waiting for. The time is now. Let’s begin, shall we?

1) “I can wait – my health is FINE as it is.”

Do you truly believe that? Waking up feeling groggy, being PMS-y or grumpy for no good reason, feeling depressed because you feel stuck in a routine that isn’t serving you, wanting to change your body because you’re carrying extra weight, not having the confidence to go for what you want (or ask for that raise), seeking to experience true happiness or attract a loving relationship and not receiving it… and stuck in a pattern of quiet self-loathing and desperation for change?

I’m sure some jaws dropped on that one. But it’s true. As an energy reader and intelligent person like all of you, it’s quite obvious that the majority of people on this planet want change, and they want it because they are not happy in their current situation.

What most have not realized is that their mental health is directly linked with their physical. The constant berating of their ego-mind causes incredible amounts of stress, but let me tell you, this gets better as you clean up your body as well. Once you make good and put in the effort to better your mind, body, and connect with your spirit, everything else in your life follows suit.


Why settle? You were meant to feel awesome all the time and have glowing confidence in your life’s path and purpose.

You’ve Never Experienced How GOOD You can Feel

“Amen” says every healthy eater or plant-based yogi reading this statement. NONE of us know what we want until we have experienced the opposite, and that is why most people won’t change until they are dangerously ill. But you don’t need to wait that long. You can take my word and that of countless others just what you may be missing out on.

My Story

You can read more about my journey here, but basically I felt clogged up, lethargic, depressed, and suicidal before I switched to a plant-based diet that helped balance my Amanda122hormones, detoxify acidosis, and help me feel more grounded overall. I always struggled with my weight, had horrible cystic acne, and just felt ‘confused’… like nothing made sense.

I’m not saying ‘plant-based’ is the magic pill, but it helps. Getting rid of toxic crap foods, moving my body, connecting with the Earth, sitting my butt on a meditation pillow, and allowing myself to feel free and happy just as I am all contributed to an overflowing realization of love and the need for healing in this world

I feel incredible. I wake up so grateful for life as there are NO health issues that plague me. I can run 5 miles as easily as 10, though I don’t beat myself up over not going out some morning, instead choosing to stretch and meditate in feelings of grace. I feel connected and grateful for the food I eat, knowing it benefits my body and best health. I love working in a field that satisfies my inner being, allows me to be creative, and challenges me in the best ways possible.

I know what alignment feels like, but I had NO idea what it felt like before. When I was addicted to McDonalds and Arby’s curly fries, I would have said “Hell no” to such a switch because I had no idea what I was missing.

That’s why I – and other advocates of natural, healthy living – are so enthused to share this with you. We want you – our brothers and sisters – to wake up to your divinity and feel just as good – if not better! – than us! We’re al in this together.

2) Unhealthy Food Tastes Too Good To Give Up

Aha! That’s where we’ve got you. You see, what in the ‘food’ you’re consuming is actually tasting good? Is it the cardboard fillers? The hydrogenated oils? Oh, that’s right… it’s the aspartame and artificial sweeteners, the MSG (linked with tons of health problems), and the preservatives that are overloading your taste buds with rich, sugary, salty, and processed flavors.


What about your beloved ‘meat’? (Which is not actually yours, it belongs to the animal that was wearing it) Most people don’t salivate upon seeing a dead carcass along the road. It’s unnatural to chase down a rabbit and tear it apart using your teeth. No, to consume meat in a fashionable, tasty way, it has to be fileted, cooked, and covered in a tasty sauce. Sauces like the ones shared in the RECIPE section.

But what, then, is it about meat that is appealing? And what about munching endlessly on high-fat, sugar-filled junk food that makes it so you can’t eat just one? To keep this post short and simple friends, I’m going to boil it down to the following:

PS – If you salivated over seeing the McD’s meal above, I’d just like to inform you it’s 3 years old…

Physiological Addiction

Most people don’t recognize it, but they are actually ADDICTED to these foods that they so desperately crave: wheat, corn, dairy, and refined sugar being the main ones – which are in almost EVERY packaged food! A great book that explores this more is called “Allergies” by Carolee Bateson-Koch DC ND. The ingenious naturopath explores her experience helping alleviate all sorts of ‘symptoms’ by removing these foods that the body responds to in inflammation. Inflammation can compromise the GI tract wall, cause mental and behavioral disorders, speed along aging, contribute to depression, and is usually underlying every single major disease of affluence.


Like any allergy or addiction, removing this substance from the diet (like those who go off cigarettes or alcohol) causes major cravings because of the allergenic / addictive response of the body. Usually avoiding the most allergenic foods (listed above), chemicals, and artificial sweeteners will result in incredible improvement within 2 weeks.

This initial period is a time of deep cleaning and detoxification. It can be tough, but it’s worth it. After this period one’s taste buds begin to clean out and it’s easier to taste the subtle flavors of plant-based foods missed before. This is why those who live ‘healthy’ actually truly enjoy it. They can taste so much more, and being addicted to fast-food and processed junk because of the taste is a symptom of not being clean. 


I don’t want to freak you guys out too much, but this is important to know and will definitely be covered more in-depth in the future. A lot of people actually are not in control of their addictions and cravings. Why is this? They are riddled with an imbalance of micro-organisms and parasites. It is estimated 70% of Americans have some for of parasite, and Dr. Robert Cassar estimates it’s much more.

Like Candida which flourishes when there is too much sugar in the bloodstream (and actually saves your life, but causes health symptoms at the same time), parasites love acidic, stagnant, toxic bodies which are created through the Standard American (or British!) diet. In a body that doesn’t go to the bathroom (#2) at least 2-3 times per day, there is toxic fecal waste backed up in the colon. This toxicity leaches back into your blood stream and is literally bathing your cells – the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and parasites. That’s why leafy greens, vegetables, fruits, other fiber sources, and hydrating foods are so important – they help flush the lymphatic system and keep the bowels regular.

And for those that love sugary, acidic, highly processed drinks, you can bet you have an acidic pH which is pulling calcium and magnesium from your bones, and in effect creating incredibly poor health this very second.

To be frank, an unhealthy diet / body is one parasites love. They are actually like aliens (I suggest you look more into Robert Cassar’s work – I’m just translating, but he’s the guru with this message) and are incredibly intelligent. Imagine the ‘brain fog’ you either came out of when transitioning to healthier living or are working to clear up: they can subtly influence your subconscious and cause you to crave foods (like meat and sugary junk) which feed them and keep you a hostage.

Freaky stuff, but that’s the contract you’re willingly staying in if you don’t do anything about your health.

3) I’ll BUY My Health Back in the Future

Sadly, this belief has guided many work-driven individuals down the wrong path – a path many don’t retreat from. Whether you’re a billionaire or a working student, the most important thing you have in this life is your health, and if you don’t put in the work (and receive its many benefits) by adopting natural principles as a lifestyle, you will inevitably suffer.

This is not a harsh statement, it is reality. Look around you! Do you realize 1 in 3 kids are obese, and this is expected to continue increasing at dramatic rate? Do you recognize that 1,500 people die from dietary-related illnesses EVERY DAY just in the US? The numbers are skyrocketing, yet many people fail to recognize that their GREATEST chance of surviving and THRIVING in this life are to begin today… making small steps in the right direction

It can be fun, trust me! Just try this [Live Food, Vegan] Coconut-based ICE CREAM. Recipe HERE!icecream34

Like Abraham Hicks says, “You can’t make quantum leaps”. You think when you receive a Cancer diagnosis you’ll have the money, time, emotional strength, family support, and fortitude to jump to a 100% living foods, plant-based diet with hordes of supplements and natural therapies? 1% might, but likely not you. Even if you are committed to batting it the natural route, you will be playing a dangerous game with death and your own stupidity by not recognizing the many signs that were blasted your way years previous.

I know this from experience: Right now I am in Bangkok, Thailand working at a 100% Holistic Cancer clinic, and the majority of our patients have been Stage 3 & 4 hoping to recover. For basic treatment, it is $7,000 – $10,000 a week, and right now we are the ONLY center in the world to be treating patients with therapies and modalities from ALL sides. Many of these people come with the mentality that these treatments will ‘cure’ them and they can go back to eating their refined rice, MSG-laden meat, and sweet sugary drinks.

This is not how natural health works! The BODY – your most prized possession on this Earth – is meant to be in a state of crystalline alignment, and when that is so, you experience VIBRANT health. We are doing our best to alkalize, support the detoxification process, rejuvenate organs, flood the body with essential minerals, irradiate cancer cells at low-dose levels, feed completely 100% low-glycemic, living plant-based foods, and inspire through education life-long change. …But it’s not as easy it sounds.

Cancer is linked with anger and resistance, and for many people, the unwillingness to see this manifestation as a result of their previous actions causes large amounts of suffering and for some…death. It’s harsh, it’s hard, but it is reality.

And THAT is why I am inspired to write this post for you today. You have SO much opportunity, so much potential, and ALL the resources at your disposal to wake up and take responsibility for your own health and life. I can’t do it, my friend working with me can’t do it… Only YOU can do it.

And if you can’t buy your health, know what you WILL buy? radiation

If you don’t change NOW, you most likely will be among the majority of individuals who freak out and choose allopathic (cut and tear) procedures to ‘rid their body’ of the manifestation they directly created. Know what this costs?

For the average individual in the US, one year of allopathic Cancer treatment (for this example, we’ll use Lung, a very common type of Cancer) is $60-80,000. Some treatments are over $100,000, and oftentimes this ‘battle’ proceeds over many, many years.

So although the alternative option which we offer at our clinic Verita Life is much less expensive, I’m hoping to convey that the emotional taxation, the frustration, the near-death stress, and the stupidity of it all really just isn’t worth it.

Just what is your health worth?

On the flip side, did you know that a study recently came out concluding that one could eat healthier for as little as $1 more per day? Wow – I even wrote that article.

It’s as simple as cutting out sugary, refined drinks and candies, opting for more fresh fruits and vegetables, saying “no” to fast-food, choosing lean, plant-based ‘meats’ if possible, and getting rid of as many allergenic foods as possible.

Usually cutting out these foods opens up more money to spend on healthy items, and then – hey! you can then make yummy recipes like those on this site! :)


One More Reason…

Your health is your most vital asset, and I mean this literally. Honor yourself, have dignity, and be the only person in your life who has to wipe your behind – ever.

4) The Reason You Won’t Admit That’s Holding You Back From Changing: You Don’t Believe You’re Worthy.

C’mon, let’s admit it. If you thought you were worthy of receiving all the benefits above and skipping over deadly, degenerative disease, you’d jump on this lifestyle in a heartbeat! Forks Over Knives, Food Matters, Hungry for Change – tons of research, thousands of testimonials, and resources at your fingertips EXIST showcasing other peoples’ dramatic transformations… Then why can’t / won’t you take the time to really invest in your own health and life journey? BlueberrySmoothie

Because you’re afraid: You’re afraid of what people will think of you, who you will be when you let go of all these comforts (I mean, your lifestyle does change because of your switch to healthier living), what your family will think of you, who your social network will be…

To be honest, this switch is HUGE. It’s leading you down a path of wellness, of accepting and realizing who YOU, YOU, YOU (your true self, not this factitious ego) really is, and that scares the heck out of most.

To walk down this path means you’re going to have to face some demons. You’re going to have to LOOK at what you’ve been suppressing, cry / rage / stomp it out, LET IT GO, and be willing to move on.  At times it will be incredibly fun (like live food, vegan chocolate parties? Yes!), and sometimes it will be devastatingly emotional (think curled up on your bed as you kick cravings)… but I promise you, it IS worth it. 100 – no, 100,000,000 percent (%) .

Because to find you, to awaken to your truth, to let go of limitations that you don’t feel serve you, and to feel your most VIBRANT self is the greatest gift you have ever secretly yearned for, and YOU ARE WORTH IT.

This realization is all you need. You’ll grow into believing, feeling, and owning it as your truth. And it begins by STARTING with the small stuff today.

That means:

1) Adding a green smoothie to your morning routine.

2) Moving your body 3 x a week in any way you desire (Jogging, Yoga, Dance, Playing with your kids…)

3) Spend some time in contemplation / meditation to get to know YOU. Maybe go to a church that inspires you, or make some new friends and chat about life over fresh green juice!


All you need to know at this stage is that YOU deserve to live a life you love and have everything you desire come true. THAT is why you have been holding back on making change, and now you have realized it, would you like to brush off the ‘old’ and step into the new?

Not that I’m into pushing products, but I did just release an incredible 7-Day Whole Foods, Plant-Based Menu Plan with ALL recipes and 2 shopping lists catered to how much time you want to spend in the kitchen. It even has a bonus dessert E-book. You can find this gem here. (It’s also 30% on Sale until Christmas! Yippee!)


And if you’re reading to tip-toe into healthier living, why not check out the RECIPE page? There are a variety of options that will satiate your palate and make it easier to kick old habits and putting your health and wants in alignment.

Finally, I’m about much more than the physical: I believe that when body, mind, and spirit are in alignment, we become the healed, conscious creators we truly are. You can find out the 12 steps I recommend to get invested into this lifestyle from my book “Inviting in Light: 12 Steps to Create the life You Desire”.

I love you all, and hope this article was inspirational, informative, and helpful in motivating you to put yourself and your health first and really initiate change TODAY.

You deserve to Bloom for Life; it is your calling and highest purpose!

xoxo Amanda Froelich