What Raw Staples should I keep in my Kitchen??

It’s an understatement to say that transitioning to raw can be overwhelming (and confusing). This is why I’ve come up with a list for anyone interested in including more delectable raw creations in their lifestyle. This will help you know what to keep in your kitchen!

This was actually a request question – and I’m more than happy to answer any thoughts or concerns anyone has.

“What Raw Staples should I keep in my Kitchen?”


**First – there are different types of ‘Raw’. The most commonly shared is the gourmet lifestyle choice. (below) This includes creating variations of your favorite ‘comfort’ & heartier foods – such as pizza, burgers, chips, (anything really!), etc… They are usually composed of nuts, seeds, seasonings, some vegetables, and occasionally fruits for desserts. This is a great transitional phase which is for the newbie – or beginner looking to add more raw foods (and have fun in the kitchen!) **


Gourmet Staples:


Sunflower,(*optional) Hemp, and/or Flax seeds (or your favorite – pumpkin, sesame)

Almonds (or walnuts can be substituted)

Cashews (If you like desserts)

Coconut Oil (If you like desserts)

Carob Powder (If you like desserts)

Braggs Amino Acids or Namu Shoyu

Nutritional Yeast

Himalayan Sea Salt

Sun-Dried Tomatoes

***These are basics which can help you create tons of great raw dishes***


Produce Staples for the Newbie Raw Foodie:


*Greens (Most important!) – spinach & kale to begin with. (After you get the taste for greens, try out some others and you might find you Love them!)

*Fruit (Bananas are America’s #1 fruit – and they’re great for you! Apples, Oranges, Grapes, and Melons are always healthy, detoxifying, alkalizing favorites)

*Overt Fats: Avocado, Raw Coconut Oil, (*optional) Flax/Hemp Oil (Some recipes call for oil – personal preference)

*Depending on what foods you like – produce ranges! Carrots, Cucumbers, Tomatoes, Onions, etc…! Dig around for some yummy raw recipes and go shopping!


All in all, this is the simplest list I could think of that includes all basic staples that can get your from Point A – Point B.

Superfoods are Optional – but are fun to have on hand and play with, as they have their names for a reason. (Look them up and be amazed!)

*Chia Seeds (Omega 3, 6, & 9…great source of Calcium, Iron, and Protein)

*Goji Berries = major yum & super high in anti-oxidants!

*Green Superfood Powders – (So many varieties – my favorite = Spirulina)

… many more optional: Maca, Lucuma, Reishi Mushrooms, Ashwaganda…



Equipment: (Keep in mind – you can be 100% raw without this equipment, but it sure makes it a lot easier and fun!)


*Blender (I recommend the Vita-Mix = amazing!)

*Dehydrator (When you are transitioning and need heavier, gourmet type foods, the dehydrator can help make the most amazing dishes that taste like your favorites… but so much healthier!)

*Juicer – along your raw journey, you may find you crave more greens. It’s actually a lot easier on our systems to juice our greens and eat our fruits… Plus, you can get so many more vitamins and minerals by juicing. (Getting rid of the fiber).

*Spiralizer – makes zucchini ‘pasta’ noodles (or cucumber, beet, etc!) and is Suuuuch an amazing tool!

*Sprouting Jars – these will come in handy, whether or not you’re sprouting, soaking, or germinating your seeds/nuts



Simple Raw Foodie Staples

***The second type of Raw Foodie lifestyle is one that focuses on HEALTH and thriving more than anything. No doubt you will experience great results from including more raw foods – thanks to the living enzymes, nutrients, minerals, and magnetic energy emanating from pure foods… but eventually many reach a sort of ‘plateau’, because true healing happens when you can detox your body and truly clean out your lymphatic system. In this stage, your diet will mainly be composed of fruits, vegetable and green leafy juices, and minimal nuts/seeds/overt fats. ***

I cannot give you a list at this time, other than high-calorie fruit staples that can help you reach your full potential when seeking detoxification and regeneration on a high-carb, low-fat plant lifestyle. More information on this sort of lifestyle to come!







…(Your Favorite Fruits! <– Fruit does NOT make you fat.)


            Kale, Chard, Spinach, Romaine Lettuce, etc..

Your favorite Vegetables! (Carrots, Beets, Sweet Peas, Zucchini, Cucumber, Tomatoes, etc!


Hopefully this list helped! The gourmet staples are what I always keep on hand – even if I’m not creating a ton of recipes. They come in handy and are so versatile!

Stay Green & Beautiful!