Why Digestive Enzymes May Provide the Relief You Seek

When you eat less than optimally – or perhaps used to, but now eat cleaner – and tummyexperience an acidic stomach… what’s the first thing you reach for?

If you’re like the majority of people, you likely grab an Antacid – popping it in your mouth like candy and praying to God the indigestion goes away. Although the most promoted “remedy” to settle the stomach, this is actually the worst mode of action you could take.


Because when you are experiencing what is perceived as “acid reflux” it is usually a sign that your stomach is under-functioning and in fact is not producing enough hydrochloric acid.

Taking an antacid throws your stomach into an even greater upset of confusion, stopping ALL digestive processes for up to 4 hours, and puts increased load on your pancreas to break down foods in the small intestine.


A taxed pancreas, which leads to an over-worked, under-functioning liver has been clearly shown to be related to diseases of affluence like Diabetes and Obesity.

The first mode of action to change this effect is to FIRST change your eating habits. It’s time to ditch the processed, refined, high-fat, low quality, and high-sugar foods from your diet, and instead reach for more plant-based, simply produced foods that are alkaline-forming, full of nutrition, and full of living enzymes.

The reason living foods are so beneficial to the human body is that they supply a bounty of enzymes which are essential for every biochemical reaction in the body. They are like the “catalysts” for protein breakdown and synthesis to take place – and are IMPERATIVE for a healthy physical body.

But when people eat cooked food, or hard-to-digest food, valuable enzymes are lost in the preparation method. And years of eating this way means digestion is sluggish (which contributes to many digestive issues (including poor nutrient absorption) which are linked to: Candida, acne, inflammation, constipation, etc… In effect, health and well-being are decreased.


Above: {Raw, Vegan} Living-Food Lasagna

Therefore it may be a very healthy idea to consume plant-based, living enzymes in capsule or tablet form before (30-1 hour) before your meals to help aid the digestion process of your meals and boost the overall health of your stomach.

You may also want to stop drinking water 30-minutes before meals, and at least 1 ½ hours after to improve digestion. Skip the ice-cold beverages as well: they slow down digestion.


Another tip to improve your under active stomach is to eat until ¾ full, and consume your portions moderately. Spread out your meals throughout the day if that is appealing, and as always, give thanks for the bounty you have received.


By consuming more living foods and/or taking digestive enzymes instead of popping antacids, you will likely experience improved health and a more balanced mind.