Why you should Juice at HOME

Mmmmm. I don’t know about you, but I LOVE going someplace, drinking fresh juice, and just enjoying life… But it can be EXPENSIVE!

To prove that it doesn’t HAVE to be, however – I made intention to juice at home instead of buy any fresh-made ones from work or Whole Foods.

Usually a 16 oz. juice at Whole Foods which might have the basics (beet, apple, cucumber, celery, kale, lemon) would be around $10. That’s a lot. (But it is all organic, so that’s a plus!)


So I stocked up on produce and made juice for dinner tonight!


I had 3 oranges, 2 ½ apples (which were on sale!), ¾ Bunch Celery, 2 Cucumbers, 1 stalk Chard, and ½ Lemon. It made 64 ounces…and here’s the breakdown of the cost:


Rainbow Fruity Juice Cost Breakdown:

78 cents x 2

$2.00 apples

50 cents oranges

25 cents stalk chard

60 cents celery

25 cents lemon


= $4.38


That’s a LOT of savings for 64 ounces of juice! I’m sure if it was all organic it’d be a LOT more…but here’s how you can save if you want to juice as well: Buy in Bulk.


Hopefully this sheds some light on how you can juice affordably and still regenerate your life! It’s so much cheaper than buying it, way more affordable than costly medications, and tastes so darn good!


Have an amazing day lovelies!

XOXO Mandy


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