Workouts of the Week #1

It’s good motivation to keep track of what you want to accomplish every day, week, or month when staying dedicated to a workout program.

I tend to listen to my body and plan out my day’s workout ahead of time.

This week’s workouts:


Monday: Ran 3.5 Miles + Bodyrock Workout

Tuesday: Taught 1 Hr of Zumba, Ran 3 Miles, and did a Tone-It-Up workout

Wednesday: Ran 3 Miles, Did Resistance training & Tone-It-Up workout, fast 1 mile, then cool down

Thursday: Taught 1 Hr of Zumba + ZWOW #11

Friday: Day off

Saturday: Ran 6 miles + Core Work + Biked 2.5 Miles

Sunday: Ran 4.5 miles + Yoga

I also want to share some pictures. When I can, it’s nice to run outdoors and get immersed in the moment, the beautiful sunshine, the amazing oxygen, the stretching lands….

But sometimes I run past feedlots…and that can be disheartening. Sunday (Today) I had to stop and just look at the cows. They were so beautiful, and no picture could capture how serene they were. It really makes me sad these beautiful creatures are so thoughtlessly cut up and eaten. I can’t even fathom walking in there, cutting its throat, and cutting off its hindquarters for dinner. Eeeeew. It’s really tough and sick to me, personally, to live so close to areas that are responsible for this madness.

The sunsets are pretty at least.

What have you been doing to get in shape?? Do you have a favorite workout regimen, or do you like to switch it up too?